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  1. Argh, why must you make us choose? xD I would probably have to say Rarity, she just isn't my type....
  2. What is on my mind?

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    2. The_Shy_One


      No, that Fluttershy is gone for two weeks.


    3. Nah




      She was in the newest episode

    4. Derpy Whooves

      Derpy Whooves


  3. Fluttershy. Oh, and she has the most votes as well..... O_O
  4. I have gotten a bit of hate from noobs online, but most of my friends IRL either don't know I am a brony, they are bronies, or they don't care. Though since all of my friends are Christians I don't think they would insult me anyway..
  5. Official Entry! Father pony Mrs. Pony Rudolph the Brown-nosed Reinpony Thanks for hosting this great contest!
  6. Alrighty, here are a few more. I was in the chatroom and someone asked me to make a Cheese-Themed Pony. So, here she is! Miss. Swiss Cheese! Also, Shankveld requested a pony of herself, here she is! And Sky Charmer, another request. Enjoy! Here are some Christmas-Related ponies! (These are also going in my entry for the Christmas Giveaway) Father Pony Mrs. Pony Rudolph the Brown-nosed Reinpony Enjoy!
  7. Hopefully I'll be able to watch it online soon.
  8. I discovered the wonderful world of Ponies thanks to my brother. He was watching the episodes one day while I was playing Republic Commando with my friend. I heard some of it, and was like, "that seems kinda cool'' then later I decided to watch it, I had a 24 hour-ish marathon, and it was on the same day Nightmare Night came out. I will remember it always..
  9. Why is fluttershy so darn cute? I mean, if she wasn't in the episodes I just might not watch them..... What do YOU like about fluttershy?
  10. I find myself at a mix between Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. I REALLY like the show, and anxiously await the next episode, though I don't talk about it to a lot of my friends... Unless I have known them for quite a while
  11. Befriend: Derpy. Though she isn't my favorite pony, shy is still pretty epic. Flirt: Fluttershy. What is there not to like about her? I have a few friends that are just like Fluttershy, and I get along with them quite well. Prank: Hmm, that's hard.... Though I would probably prank Discord....
  12. I have often found myself humming songs or singing quietly while I do school and such.
  13. The_Shy_One

    Ponies: IRL

    Yeah, I have started to as well. For example, one morning I went to the table for my normal breakfast, and saw this. My brother who is also a brony (my whole family are MLP fans) I looked at him, and i was like it's DERPY! Then I scanned the article, and replaced the stupid picture they had with the all lovable Derpy.
  14. Hey everypony! I have been working on making ponies using General Zoi's Pony creator, and I am ready to make any design you want! Just post what you want your pony to look like (ie. color, heigth, mane,tail,accessories, wings,horns,etc) and I'll get right to it! once it is done I will upload it on here, and anyone can use it. Also, I am able to do poses, and backgrounds, so if there is a specific way you want your pony to look, let me know and I'll try my best! Here are some examples of my ponies I have made. If you are interested feel free to post here, or PM me! Al
  15. I just hope they at least tell some of the background.. Also, I have a feeling there is going to be some mistletoe involved..... Spike x Rarity?
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