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  1. It's only 6:30? Ddddddaaaaaammmmmmmmnnnnnnn.

    1. longgone


      CST, I presume?

  2. I thought this thread had died. Anyway, 7/10 7 only because I like Pyro ._.
  3. Did anyone else actually watch the new Equestria Girls episode?

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    2. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      So eq is now its own standalone spinoff?

    3. Azura
    4. ~C. Discord~

      ~C. Discord~

      Why are we talking about something back from February?

  4. Kill me now. . .kill me and burn my remains in a fire. . .

  5. At this point I guess I'm two people. My friend pretty much fucked up. . .a lot. So he left, and I came back. Make senses now?
  6. I have returned-Ed from the dark and merciless void known as life, read my blog.

  7. I'm back, finally. Funny story, what you remember to be EMT was never me at all. I left the forums almost as soon as I started, a month or two. Some crazy shit went on, and since my friend asked, I gave my account to him. I nearly forgot about the forums until my friend came back telling me about it. He decided to leave, so I took a look. When I looked back on the control panel and saw his previous posts I realized: "He wasn't ready for the Internet." After a few days I decided to come back, and I'm here to stay. . .for a while. I actually don't know if anyone remembers me, because I just got a msg from Sweetiebot welcoming me, the one that welcomes newcomers. Idk if I should feel special or forgotten ;_; #ForeverAlone
  8. 0/10 Because I'm mean >:3 Scratch that 10/10 Flutters is too cute to resist ^^
  9. Holy hell, I haven't been on in ages!!!

    1. хорошо́


      Welcome back! :D

    2. EpicMuffinTime


      Thanks, I'm glad to be back :D Things have been real hectic lately. Right now I'm trying to get back in the swing of things :3

    3. Fubz



  10. Delicious candy! *om nom nom*

    1. Goodra


      IKR! I got so much darn chocolate, eeyup!

    2. EpicMuffinTime


      I got an entire basket full of Peeps, Smarties and other random chocolate stuffs! *folds hands* Excellent >:D


  11. There is an obvious difference between disliking something and going over the top. In this case said person is going over the top. I would never leave a fandom just because of ONE video, fan art, etc. unless it had something to do with the ENTIRE fandom as a whole. I can understand someone not liking something, that's one thing, but ranting and raving and threatening the fandom is an entirely different scenario. It's just the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. What bothers me though is not the fact that said person has left or is leaving, it's the fact that he has to over react that much. I mean seriously, get a freaking grip.