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  1. I watched horse racing with my Grandpa once. That's pretty close, right? But srsly, no. My grand parents don't even know I watch it and I've never bothered to ask my parents to watch it with me.
  2. There's only two things in the world that get me really steaming: 1. If someone punches me in the nose. idk why, but that tingly feeling just turns me into a killing machine. 2. I try my hardest to be nice to everyone I meet and do all I can for them. But when someone doesn't care about my kindness, and in fact makes fun of me or something of the like after all I've done for them it's just instant agitation. Once you cross one of those two lines and it will take all of my will power not to deck you in the face. One time some little slut tried to pull option # 2 on me, calling me a fatass because the guy in front of me in the hallway was walking too slow. I turned around, and my whole being was saying "BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THAT BITCH". But I didn't. Because I knew that A. I would probably get expelled or worse and B. I'd probably kill her with a flick of my fingers (srsly, she was like 5'2", 100 pounds, no joke.) Also, I'm a gentleman and I don't punch girls. That didn't stop me from giving her a big whopping 'FUCK YOU' before moving on. So yeah, in short I'm a very nice guy, just don't wake the bear.
  3. This. This was the best thing ever. Every time I tell people this was the best Spidey cartoon, they don't believe me and start talking about the Spectacular Spider-Man but I know it's not the best because that'd be silly because this is the best and that can't be the best if this is the best, amirite? ...I get really defensive with that subject.
  4. I wish I could wear nothing at all :3 In all seriousness, I usually wear either a hoodie with a graphic Tee of some kind or one of these things ---> http://casual-male-big-and-tall.destinationxl.com/mens-big-and-tall-store/mens-sweaters-and-vests/cutter-buck-12-zip-high-note-pullover/cat60071/R7351?navAction=push&navCount=3 (I couldn't think of what they're called) Although not in that color and definitely not NEARLY as expensive. Along with my bracelets, a necklace, two rings, and sometimes a Batman toboggan hat (The one from Hot Topic. Sucks 'cause I can't wear it at school though. Dress code says 'no' to hats :I). And sometimes I put my hair in a ponytail if I can find a hair tie to keep it out of my face. Now that I have described my physical appearance to a T, I ask that nobody come and rape and/or kidnap me. Please.
  5. Monster-Ock in the old PS1 Spider-Man game. I'm sorry but I still can't beat him just because I panic when I hear his first "DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE" scream.
  6. 49 WPM... man, I thought I was faster than that, lol I had no idea that there were people on here who could type over a hundred words a minute, that's just crazy!
  7. Toes as they really don't serve a purpose and thumbs do. Would you rather swallow an orange or an apple whole?
  8. I'd probably be a lot like you, OP. Not care about anyone around me, be stuck up, be in a crabby mood all the time, ect. Only I'd probably be very cautious of the world around me, afraid to take a step. As, In real life, I'm usually a pretty carefree and happy people person. So I'd be the opposite: an over-cautious, mean, stuck up douche. Also, I probably would lose my sense of humor (since that's a pretty big part of me). Someone would tell a joke that I'd normally find funny and I'd just tell them they're an idiot. :I
  9. I sing different songs depending on what I'm in the mood for, but most of the time I sing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHkNl758-YM Never fails, never fails. Especially when you use the back-scrubber thing as a microphone. Advice: Drink some sort of warm beverage before you start. It helps to keep your throat from... exploding. lol
  10. Ignore this, the forum said that my post didn't go through, so I posted again, but then it turned out that it did. So... sorry 'bout that :I
  11. I would totally buy this. If I had a car that could go 80 miles per gallon and basically run on vegetable oil, then I would get in in a heartbeat.
  12. I don't fear death, it's just something that happens and whatever comes after it... just comes. But I am deeply afraid that I won't live my life to the fullest or make the most of what I have before I die. I don't want to have any 'what if's' when that time comes, you know? That'd be freakin' sweet.
  13. omg, I remember this It's what got me into ponies in the first place :3 Loved this battle, it was hilarious! It was great seeing it again.
  14. I'm scarily similar to Pinkie Pie. I'm always incredibly happy and bouncing off the walls, putting my personality out for everyone to see. Sometimes it comes back and bites me in the butt (a lot like Pinkie in the cloning episode, lol ). And although I rarely get sad, when I do (about once every two months or so) I get REALLY sad (also like Pinkie). Like, I spiral into a deep depression that spans anywhere from a day to a week. Also I love cupcakes.
  15. I love my PC the most out of modern consoles simply because it can play the most games, do the most stuff, and all of those things. And when you think about it, it can literally do anything that another console can due to emulators and such. But I must say, nothing compares to sitting down and playing my old N64 So PC for functionality and N64 for nostalgia.