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  1. Do I love children? - I dont think so. Do i want children? - Yes. Why? - Cause honestly I got a feeling that I'm on right place now, yes I still have things to do and ways to improove myself, but thats not chaotic path into unknown I got before, and now I want to share my world. I think that the best reason to have kids, bring new life to the world you know and want to share.
  2. Almost every one I know drink tea every day. As for me: 1. Green tea in the morning, it fills you with energy, Usually its green tea with ginger. 2. In course of the day i drink black tea (usually earl grey) with addition of dried fruts or orange/lemon skin. 3. In the evening weak black tea with honney.
  3. 25. In fandom since end of 1 season. Married. Hobbies: 1. Work 2. Books. 3. Bordgames. 4. Cycling. 5. Skiing
  4. I lived in wildeness for some time, and in my country it not rare activity, usually people do it for 3-15 days. And by it I mean not with car and e.t.c but with only things you could take with you by foot. So for the polle - Depends from to main factors: 1. Wildeness (climate, weather, dangers, and what is even more important if there are source of drinkable water) 2. Equipment. Cause in European wildeness you even don't really need equipment, and in tropical forest during rain season not everyone even with good equipment would survive. So I voted for first, but in some cases i wouldnt hold even for 6-10 hours.
  5. Wake up at 7 a.m. Turn kettle on. Turn on music. Feed cat. Wash face and gargle. Brinig tea to wife who still in bed, and complain about morning. Make breakfast. Eat and read (or talk if wife is not in be already). Brush teeth. Start working (I work from home usually).
  6. Pr. Luna Surely, thats why there not a lot of sun now.
  7. Need summer. There I could find it?

  8. I like cool weather, but not than you frezzing in summer.

  9. Found 4 years old picture - I'm on the middle. Guess no wonder my nickname in school was Troll. I bet it's really nice book, I want it myself as well
  10. Four of my friends called Alexander, so - YES! I have to call them by their last name.
  11. Putinlestia?

    1. HungryTroll


      Well, I call him "Celestin". ;)

  12. Well, I guess that as long as I don't come near any paper I'm fine Seem's like no books anymore
  13. That not the idea really, I just realised that I want to see it - Episode about Big Mac and HIS friends, that could be ordinary slice of life or episode there something happens for example with AJ and Big Mac with friens trying to help her. That's what I want to see.
  14. My choice is "Maybe". Why? I like my current life and in real world I wouldn't throw it away, but since fictional life counts too - I don't want to think about which is it, but I'm sure there the life in ficional world that I would definetly throw my current life away for.
  15. 8.5/10 for great Celestia, and sorry Idk about that comic