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  1. I joined the herd in April. A friend of mine that I followed on tumblr kept posting fanart of MLP and eventually I got curious enough to check it out. I then watched about an episode a day (I forced myself to pace myself) and then here I am today!
  2. Thanks everyone! c: I have a new pmv in the works right now (anypony like Rent?) Hopefully it'll be out soon.
  3. Wow, she looks great! I love her original design, as well as your pony style!
  4. Haha, thanks! Glad you liked it. :3
  5. Kichaa

    Hi everypony!

    Haha, you have a point there. Nice to meet you too! I'm sure I will, thanks!
  6. Very cute art, I love it! Your OC looks great.
  7. I think I faintly remember a Sonic Rainboom in one of my dreams but I think that's it. :/
  8. Hi to you too! Nice to meet ya. c:
  9. Source: POWERPUFF PONIES! Oh and Lion King ponies are a necessity. Source:
  10. Hi, nice to meet you all. c: I forgot to create a thread (oops) but then again I joined...20 minutes ago. I'm Veronika, you can call me a variation of that (V, Nika, Ronnie w/e), Kichaa, or Super, take your pick! :3 I turned 18....yesterday, and am a freshman in college, studying Physical Therapy. Besides ponies I love Disney movies (The Lion King being my favorite), Glee (don't judge me it's addicting), and Doctor Who (just got into it recently, but it's brilliant). Everypony seems nice around here, and I hope I enjoy my stay here!
  11. It's a three way tie for me. Pinkie Pie, Applejack, & Fluttershy. They keep on rotating as my favorite. But currently it's Applejack.
  12. Fluttershy x Big Mac is definitely my biggest ship. Just the idea is far too adorable. I also love Pinkie Pie x Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy x Rarity is starting to grow on me as well.
  13. I'm very open about it, haha. My friends completely 100% judged me for it in the beginning but now I'm drawing them to the herd, one by one.