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  1. It became more unpleasant as the trolls/hackers "took over" so to speak, and starting giving homosexuality a really bad name because the usually just used it for trolling purposes. Like they'd make crack pairings just to make people mad. It really doesn't make me mad, but a lot of people on Balto Source get extremely sensitive over it. That's exactly what i mean by tolerance. ^^^^ ;-; well done, Sir.
  2. Yeah, i think i'm gonna do that. I didn't even realize it was that bad, i just thought it was a bunch of trolls being stupid, I never thought it would be hackers. Thanks you guys, for listening. I just had to vent that out. XD
  3. That's totally fine, everyone has the right to their own opinion. But like you said, you wouldn't ever tell anyone to leave the fandom because of it.
  4. ooh it makes me so mad, but I realize that you're right. If i had the power to justify this I would. Urrgh but i'm like one of those people who hates to sit and watch things get bad. But what if the owner was getting money for it? The site, I mean? Wouldn't it be his property then?
  5. Oh god you guys. Thankfully i have this site.. It's so beautiful. ;_; Get get this. This is the reason why the Mod's hands are tied. And it's SCARY. The popular artists/flamers/trolls who basically patrol and run the site (as opposed to the Site Owner himself and the Mods) have connections with a hacker who threatens to bring the fansite to rubble if any of the trolls are banned or something. Noww I feel like i'm in one of those cities that a ran by gangs or something. Can't the owner get those trolls arrested? Is it really so complicated? D: I don't like this AT ALL.
  6. Once again, it's really the only fansite on there, and i feel like it has potential to be a lot nicer. And i'm hoping there are changes, but it's whatever. I feel like leaving would be like giving up and letting the flamers win. I guess I'm just being stubborn. I see fights on that site all the time. :/ And I don't go on the forums there much. But I didn't mean Bronies on the intolerance towards homosexuality, I meant the Balto Source people being intolerant towards homosexuality. I don't get it. I think Bronies are very tolerant about it. I don't have anyone messaging me on here telling
  7. Exactly! According the the guy I'm arguing with on there, the mods' "hands are tied" along with the site owner's. Which makes NO sense to me. I asked him for an explanation and I've yet to get one from him. :/
  8. Oh gosh Twi, that's really nice of you ;_; And I've been having an awful day to begin with because my best friend left for college today, so this isn't helping at all. Balto Source <--- that's the site, and it's really well ran and organized but the members and moderation is just awful. My username there is Kema. Most of the hate I've been getting is in my private messages, and I'm trying my best not to fight with anyone on there, cause I just don't like fighting in general. But yep, that's it. Good luck, soldier. XD I do stick to DA but DA isn't really a Balto fansite or anything. My
  9. oh my goodness. I have no idea if this is even the right place to put this but oh my goodness. I need to rant, right now. Okay, so other than the MLP fandom, I'm apart of the Lion King fandom, as well as the Balto fandom, and then various anime fandoms. I've been drawing a lot of Balto related stuff lately, and I post them to my account on Balto Source, probably the biggest Balto fansite ever. But this site... I can't even begin to describe how much it enrages me. It's a shame it's the only big fansite for Balto around, and if I could make my own fansite to rival again
  10. Sound Barrier

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

  11. I only want Rarity to be shipped -- if it had to be anyone. I adore Sparity. Other than that it would just be me screaming "NOO GOD! NO. GOD. PLEASE. NO. NO!!!" Yep. Don't touch Dashie, don't touch Fluttershy, don't touch AJ, don't touch Twily, or Pinkie. Just NO.
  12. Sound Barrier

    Breezie's MLP Art

    Thanks so much you guys. Andddd some rage art for you all you can tell by how its rushed and by how much i loathe it. lol I'll actually post up some nicer drawing for you guys once my rage fest is over. kjhdgsfgfghf
  13. NATHAN'sss!!! Ahhh Nathan's Nathan's Nathan's!!! Their motto is right when they say "Not Only The Best Hotdog" they literally have the best EVERYTHIINGGG. Ugh I wish there was one around my town... Hahaha, I'm craving it now. *whine* Five Guys comes close, too. Unff those burgers.
  14. Sound Barrier

    Breezie's MLP Art

    Thanks so much! I drew Rock Candy again.. but i'm not really happy on how it came out ;_; Kinda went overboard with this new blending brush I downloaded. ;_;
  15. OH GOD haha i remember when Rainbow Dash saved the baby in the Mysterious Mare Do Well. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkyQ392Oe6c I laughed a little too hard at 00:43 XD I mean that face on the baby, it's so blank, i just couldn't stop laughing, and the eyes were so beady and small... XD
  16. I dunno, i have a theory that the alicorn gene only shows in females. I'm taking a guess that she's gonna be an alicorn, and I personally don't mind. On alicorns, I think it's simply a scarce breed. Or maybe she isn't Cadence and Shining's daughter at all -- perhaps she's just a random royal family member, haha. Although she DOES look a lot like Cadence. Got a bit off topic, but I suppose there ARE more Alicorns out there.
  17. Okay, I guess I'll have to say plot holes? Is that what I should call them? Like where the hell did Cadence and Blueblood come from? Why isn't Blueblood or any other male royalty (the Princefrom the Hearts and Hooves Day spell book) an alicorn? Who are Luna and Celestia's parents, if they have parents anyway? Who's the third royal brother/sister who had Cadence, or Blueblood?? I don't know, little things like that. Other than that I love the show.
  18. Here's another one of my crazy theories-- probably wont happen, but it's just a guess! Skyla is Cadence and Shining's daughter, and maybe she'll be around the same age as Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake. Maybe after a lot of episodes, when the original cmc finally get their cutie marks, they pass down the club to the younger three? But then they're upset that all their adventuring is finally over... So they actually decide to stay in the club too, and help the three younger fillies get their cutie marks, so that they're never teased by other fillies the way they were by Diamond Tiara and
  19. Here's the MOTHER3 unused boss battle I was talking about. Too creepy, just that freaking music, man.
  20. I haven't been diagnosed with ADD but sometime's I'm almost positive I have it. Ever since I was little, my teachers having been telling my parents to get me checked for it. I don't know, really. I don't know if this also counts as a "dysfunction" but I'm exposed to tuberculosis, which can be good, because although I carry it, I can't give It to anyone, and I'm not affected by it, but every five years I have to be put on medication for a year. But that's it, nothing big.
  21. I remember g1, the toys mostly. My older cousin had them, and me, my sister and she would play with them all the time. FORESHADOWING lmao. My sister always wanted this one blue pony but she'd always get this crappy yellow one instead haha. I just played with any of them. Then I bought a g3 one as a joke when I made this video with my sister about Phantom of the Opera or something, and it had a pie cutie mark and it's ass smelt like coconut and kiwi or some crap, and we called it "cream puff sunshine" Then I remember g3.5 commercials cause one song would go "my little pony, my little
  22. Giygas of course, but there is also a hidden boss in MOTHER3 that's just as fucking scary, and has scary battle music too. It's very similar to Giygas. The song sounds like demonic mumbling, and you can make out the name "Lucas..." (the main character's name) within it. Giygas, the hidden boss in MOTHER3, and Uboa honestly prevent me from sleeping. Lmao. If I ever vs them in the game or watch gameplay of their games online, and they come up, it's a guarantee I won't sleep. Hahah
  23. Sound Barrier

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    I'm a Catholic, but not a strict one. I don't believe in most stuff said in the bible, I just believe in Jesus, and that Mary is a virgin, pretty much. The basic stuff. I believe that as long as you're a decent human being, you'll go to heaven.
  24. Sound Barrier

    Breezie's MLP Art

    Thank you all so so much. I truly appreciate it. I just finished another big piece, my version of The Wonderbolts! It took an extremely long time to draw and customize all 12 of them, but I had a lot of fun and i'm proud of how it turned out. From Left To Right: Wave Chill, Fire Streak, Breezie, Blaze, Spitfire, Soarin', High Winds, Silver Lining, Fleetfoot, Lightning Streak, Rapidfire, and Misty. I finally drew up a ponysona for myself! I'm actually very happy with her. She's based off an old character of mine.
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