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  1. Hi there, and happy birthday! :) Hope you have a good time~ ^~^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2012/6/17/5424/large.png

  2. Thank you very much, people! (I'm super late here)
  3. Hey, guys! New instrumental acoustic track. I hope you enjoy it!
  4. Thanks a lot, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  5. Hellooo! I simply loved Maud Pie last weekend. She was awesome. So, anyway- I finished a soft acoustic/alt rock track inspired on her a few days ago, and I'm glad to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, and thanks for your time!
  6. I say, we need a pony games subforum! Anyway, hello there, guys! I'm Night Breeze from Silly Mare Games, creator of a few previous games like Stroll, My Little Rhythm and Harmony PCG, and I'm glad to share with y'all a new project I've been working in for some time now: SMG's Nightfall. Nightfall is a 2D platforming game, but it's not the usual idea of a platformer. You can think about it as a mix of Terraria or Minecraft and a tower defense game, if you may, but it's still not quite like that either. I'll give you a quick description (and I excuse myself beforehand, as english isn't
  7. Ahoy, partners! I'd like to share with you the news. As of yesterday, my very first album "Tales from Far Away" has been released for free. "Tales from Far Away" is a compilatory album of all my pony tracks (as listed in the video teaser), featuring various instrumental genres. Enjoy the journey along an adventurous day through Equestria, and let the music of every moment, scene and memory flow through you. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to check out my Youtube channel for more! Download available for free (check video's description) or donation if you may. Thanks for
  8. Thank you hugely, friends! I really appreciate your support. By the way, the album is now free to download, so check out the next video for it! (I'm going to make a separate post about it as well).
  9. Hi there, folks! Okay... it's done! After so much hard work, this track AND my very first album are finished. It's all thanks to you guys. If it weren't because of your huge support, I wouldn't even be here. Thank you so much! Anyway, this track is a mix of all my previous pony tracks, completely re-orchestrated and organized into one huge track. It works as the finale of the album, mixing all the stories, scenes and feelings of a big journey: Tales from Far Away. It took me weeks to complete this track... no kidding. You may think it was easy because mostly of its composition were done
  10. Well, sounds nice! I'll be happy to submit my music. When will the submissions be open? Cheers!
  11. Thanks a lot to everybody for your time and support, I really appreciate it! I'm really glad you enjoyed the track. Thank you! Thank you so much, buddy I'm really glad you like the track so much, and to know that you listen to it so usually is really inspiring, thank you so much. Your idea for a midnight song is beautiful, and I've had the same idea in my mind for a long time, but I haven't yet found the specific 'inspiration' to do it. I'll keep it in mind for future plans! Right now, though, I do already have many tracks in mind to do! And soon I'll be releasing my very
  12. Hello there, folks! It's been some time, but I present to you my first new track of the year. I uploaded this track around a month ago, but never made a post about it in here. You may or may not have heard it already (probably not though!), but still, I'm happy to share it now, with any of you who may be interested. I've been having this idea of making a big orchestral piece around my mind for various months now, and I finally got the fully inspiration I needed for it some time ago- so, I started working on it, and I kept doing it for various consecutive days, trying to fully express bo
  13. Hello there! Well, this is not really FAN music, but I didn't know where else to post it. This here is a compilatory album I made for myself of all the Season 3 musical numbers in high quality, but I'm sure many other would like to have it, so I uploaded it to MediaFire. The tracks are listed by appearance order, recorded directly from the episodes, and both in MP3 and FLAC formats, separatedly downloadable. I also removed the voice from all the tracks and saved them separately as "instrumental" versions, all included in the pack. [*edit* I got better versions of the instrumentals, but
  14. Salutations, guys! I bring a new track I just finished composing. This track is called "Deception", and it's instrumental (a mix of orchestral, rock and a square lead). It is a perfect example of what happens when you want to compose a track but are unable to do so (because of lack of time) for a long time. I exploded. Although, of course, not a disorganized explosion (even though it may sound like it the first time!), but a full expressive one. This track is, in one word... weird. I mean, comparing it to my other pony tracks, at least. But it expresses exactly what I wanted to, the sce
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