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  1. I will host this at Monday, March 25th All day starting at 3 pm. There will be 32 opening spots for the tourney for the purpose of getting this through with out any problems I will just show the rules here: Round rules: Qualifying rounds will start off with a 1 life, 2 minute match with no items. In sudden death if they do not fight and one person gets killed with a bomb due to stalling, both competitors will be disqualified. Qualifying rounds will be over once 32 competitors advance. Round 1 will have a 2 minute match, winner continues to next round (this rule applys to the next following duh). Round 2 will have a 1 life match. Round 3 and 4 will have 2 lives. Semi-Finals will have 3 lives. Finals will have 5 lives and winner will be Champion. Tourney Rules: No Items Any taunts that use negative language or rude remarks will be penalized. In Qualifying Rounds: If you hit me before I suicide to get out of your way, the game will be reset. If caught doing it again, you will be disqualified. Please Comment if you would like to try out Tryouts list: (Pending)
  2. It's been confirmed that the post was in fact true. Lauren Faust even posted she had no say in the topic I only wonder now: 1. Twilight becoming and Alicorn. A ) How will the episodes be like in S4? B ) What will happen to the other Mane 6? 2. Derpy is being erased, for good! A ) How will the Major Fandom react to this? B ) Will the fandom start to slowly deplete itself? Oh my goodness, you do not know how much a light of hope now set off in my heart when I heard this. Maybe she turns back into a Unicorn and everything goes back to normal.
  3. AfroPony

    Music Music Thread

    Well I started in 4th grade and played the viola. I was pretty good at it and also play Violin at times when we were short on Violin players. then In 6th grade I switched from the strings to brass and played trumpet. Trumpet right now is my current instrument I play, but I still practice on my Viola and Violin. I took piano classes in 8th grade and play piano in the jazz band at my current school. I mainly play classical music on my instruments, but time to time I play jazz music and once in middle school some rock music in a special performance with a small group playing take on me (Reel Big Fish). Honestly I sometimes ask myself, "why the heck do I still stick with this?" I don't know if its the fact that I always love the classical music we play, or the fact I maybe want to major to being a music teacher. meh, either way, I'm gunna take my mastery of the arts and make my life out of it .
  4. Nothing is more better on youtube, than the comments. I saw this whole reply conversation of people saying these funny word play jokes. It was: >I was going to say a gay joke, butt fuck it. >Oh cum on bro... >I hoped that you guys would be mature, but then you just shat all over me >at least these people know a simple fact: vagina jokes are terrible, period >I hate Handicapped jokes.... Can't stand them. >How about Nazi jokes? I hear they are Heilarious >i did nazi that comming, anne frankly i shouldn't be surprised >God, there's nothing worse than religious jokes. >i would tell you a black joke but they just dont work >I was going to tell a lesbian joke but i dont have the balls >I was going to tell a penis joke but is too long >Deaf jokes are just as bad! I can't stand hearing them. >Blind jokes are worse, I just don't see the point. >Midget jokes are also bad. They're way too short. >Ok guys.. lets just not make any 9-11 jokes. They are just plane wrong Its funny what people from youtube say on top comments
  5. AfroPony

    Any Gamers Here?

    I love me sum games bro. Mainly a PC gamer, I'll try anything that looks interesting to me. I also have a Wii/Wii U. The PC games I usually play are on steam. I also play LoL (League of Legends). On Steam I usually play TF2, Spiral Knights, Micro Volts, SMNC. All in all, Love games.
  6. Holy Crap..... MY DAD JUST GOT ME THE WII U DELUXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dad still finds a way to amaze me. God I love him. He just made me the happiest person alive. *me with Mah wiiu (And awsome Afro)
  7. Honestly, I'm not gunna lie. My friends and family asked what I wanted, but I simply replied: Nothing. Now I know what your thinking, "what are you crazy? who doesn't want something for Christmas?" Well I honestly said it for a reason. I'm the type of guy to give more than receive. I don't really have money this time around, so I asked if they not get me anything. I don't want to take a present without giving one back. But hey, I still got my friends and family, So that's all the present I need.
  8. AfroPony

    S03:E07 - Wonderbolts Academy

    Pros: 1. The ending opened up possibilities for more wonderbolt episode. 2. The I liked the whole military perspective that this episode was trying to show, possibly giving more of a message that this show is open for both genders and as well as any age. 3. The camio appearance of pegasi from other episodes. 4. The ending as well showed how loyal Rainbowdash is toward her friends, she gave up the academy because it at one point put her friends in danger, so this raises the question: "if Rainbowdash becomes a wonderbolt and ends up having to choose the wonderbolts or her friends, which will she choose? Cons: 1. The character Lightning dust could have been better, I had trouble recognizing her position as a character. At first she seemed like a rival trying to be the best, then when rainbowdash and her were teamed up she seemed more like a new friend, maybe even a mentor. But towards the end she seemed like an antagonist the way she acted towards and under minded everyone at the academy. 2. I noticed from the start that when Spitfire talked she sounded different. And this was not the first time its happened, as well as not the only character. Luna in the last episode sounded different as well. I guess this means that they don't have an actual voice actor set for some characters. I hope that in the future this will be resolved. 3. Though the ending raised some good questions and possible episodes, the ending seemed a little rushed to me, as if they were running out of time. Overall I give this show a solid 8/10. I would like to see more episodes like this answering questions that the fandom would love to know, but have a little more quality put into the story from now on. Still, Loved the show, keep it up Lauren
  9. ITS DECEMBER EVERPONY. THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS HERE! December is probably (in my thoughts anyways) the greatest month of all. December is the time of the holidays, a time where we all get together with our friends and family and spend time with each other. It's the known as the season to give, and for some to receive. It's also known as the end of the year and to start getting ready for a new and prosperous year. So its no surprise why one such as myself would enjoy this month as would anyone else. *your reaction to that paragraph: So what I want to know is: What will you be doing this month? Do you have anything you will be doing for the seasons? How will you celebrate your new years, and what is you resolution? What were you most thankful for this year. Personally I can't wait for my birthday to come up this year because of two special reasons. It's going to be my 16th birthday, and the fact that its going to be on 12/12/12! Talk about awesome! I love the holidays because I get to meet all my family members. Chatting with my aunts, uncles, cousins, with tata (that's grandmother in Arabic) and all the friends. I'm probably going to be going to a party with family on a last minute's notice (like every year lol), but I usually love it and the parties are with close friends and family. My New years resolution would probably be to build the perfect mind and body. I want to be those buff (not too buff) people who are very intelligent (I hear girls are always searching for guys like that ;D). And of all the things I am thankful for its my parents. They have been supporting me through thick and thin with everything. My sports, my instrumental/choral talent, me being in higher placement classes then all my other friends, all the financial issues I've been having and most importantly, BEING THE BEST PARENTS I COULD EVER ASK FOR! I know they may be harsh at times but they are usually doing it for my own good. Well I've told you my plans for this month, now what about you?
  10. People in real life when they first meet me they think: "wow he's really nice..... a little too nice." after a week they seem to then think I'm gay because I don't either make a move to ask them out or they way I act (the second reason is reasonable, but the first one makes me laugh all the time). Then when they get to know me more they see I'm very athletic and they think because I'm African by heart, they think I play soccer, track and field. And because they see me with an afro, they think I'm black and I play Basketball. I can not tell you how much my friends mess around with me saying during track or while I play P.E. soccer: "Hey do you hear that? It's Africa, their calling you back to get ready for the olympics and world cup (yeah I still laughed a little). And when it comes to basketball, I am the worst player ever. I'm so bad they would pick me after the white kids XD. But I really like to play football and lacrosse, I also do track and field (which reminds me I have a meet on Friday, wish me luck ).
  11. AfroPony

    Post Something Beautiful.

    Beat this: this guy makes ponies into like an anime form. It freaking sweet to say the least of it. he makes videos as well, his name is ss2sonic
  12. Pretty Basic and simple, just post some fan art pics of mlp. Now Of course there will be some rules to what you can post and how many: 1. Nothing sexual, When I say nothing sexual I mean no private parts can be shown. 2. keep it to a minimum of 3 pics in a post. because we dont want you spaming this thread. 3. Please try to keep the language on a pic at a minimum. Thank you and now For the funny pics:
  13. AfroPony

    S03:E04 - One Bad Apple

    God I can't tell you how much I loved this episode because I went through a phase like this in my life. It was a new year in middle school and I was new, but some friends tried to make me as their friend. I went along with it, and it was nice, till a bully I met kept constantly making fun of those guys. I asked them about the bully and they said he's been bulling them for about a year but they just ignore it and go on with there lives (I still admire them for their words of wisdom to this day). But I had been bullied all through elementary school (mainly just due to the fact that my parents were going through a rough time and I couldn't get the nicest things in my life[yea even now I think its pretty rediculus])So In the end I ended up being a bully to my old friends due to the fear of re-livng the horror of being bullied again. (And still to this day I can not tell them how sorry I am to those guys for what I did) Then a middle school dance came and I was voted for most awsome hair (my "Afro", I know XD). When I was going to get up to get the award a bucket of water was set to drop on me where the podium was, and where I was going to be. In the last second they told me before it happened and they didn't want to be bullies. I finally got the courage to tell them why I was so mean to them, They forgave me but it took some time before it was back to normal. This episode has changed my favorite pony to Babs seed. I mean she reflects my life as a child and showed one of my favorite life lessons as a child: BULLING IS WRONG KIDS > Also........ I can't be the only one that stopped the show to just listen to the song, like about 7 or 9 times.
  14. AfroPony

    Gaming Wii U General Hype/Discussion Thread

    I think its pretty neat. Not just the game's or the graphics but the new controler that comes with it. I mean to be able to play the game with out the tv is pretty handy. I have a brother thats always going to want to either play another game or watch tv while im using the game. This would also be really great when going to college i could use this when I want to play my games and my roommate could play his halo/Cod/MW3 And looking at these games that are coming out with the wii u (AC3 and Darksiders2!!!!!) I'm pretty sure this will be worth the wait. Only one problem....... I HAS NO MONEY TT_TT