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    1. JackleberryCA


      Well, I may not know who you are, but welcome back anyways! :D

  2. AFROPONY IS BACK EVERYONE *crickets*.......

    1. Discorded Bluenote

      Discorded Bluenote

      Hey! Quit it crickets! D:<

    2. Friendship_Cannon
    3. Frenzyhero


      *criick. criiick*


      I dont like it when white people have afros.

  3. If you're up for a tournament check this thread out for a little fun.

  4. If you're up for a tournament check this thread out for a little fun.

  5. I will host this at Monday, March 25th All day starting at 3 pm. There will be 32 opening spots for the tourney for the purpose of getting this through with out any problems I will just show the rules here: Round rules: Qualifying rounds will start off with a 1 life, 2 minute match with no items. In sudden death if they do not fight and one person gets killed with a bomb due to stalling, both competitors will be disqualified. Qualifying rounds will be over once 32 competitors advance. Round 1 will have a 2 minute match, winner continues to next round (this rule applys to the next following duh). Round 2 will have a 1 life match. Round 3 and 4 will have 2 lives. Semi-Finals will have 3 lives. Finals will have 5 lives and winner will be Champion. Tourney Rules: No Items Any taunts that use negative language or rude remarks will be penalized. In Qualifying Rounds: If you hit me before I suicide to get out of your way, the game will be reset. If caught doing it again, you will be disqualified. Please Comment if you would like to try out Tryouts list: (Pending)
  6. Playin Me some Mario Kart Wii guys. Get on if you wanna VS me my friend code is 2452-4749-7649

  7. Maybe season 4 will have a more based focus on the CMC and the finale could be them getting their cutie marks. hmm, you now that I think about it, I think that wouldn't be so bad.

  8. I think all bronies can relate to this song.
  9. Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believe it was stupid.

  10. Alright, I'm doing P90X challenge. I'm shaping my self up

  11. It's been confirmed that the post was in fact true. Lauren Faust even posted she had no say in the topic I only wonder now: 1. Twilight becoming and Alicorn. A ) How will the episodes be like in S4? B ) What will happen to the other Mane 6? 2. Derpy is being erased, for good! A ) How will the Major Fandom react to this? B ) Will the fandom start to slowly deplete itself? Oh my goodness, you do not know how much a light of hope now set off in my heart when I heard this. Maybe she turns back into a Unicorn and everything goes back to normal.
  12. Today was an average friday for me, went to school, got to hang with my friends afterschool, walked home, pretty ordinary. Except for the part where I got HIT BY A CAR.

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    2. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      Oh that's good. I'm just glad you're okay.

    3. AfroPony


      thanks, no need to worry about me though

    4. AfroPony


      thanks, no need to worry about me though

  13. I've found the single most adorable thing ever

    1. Meirno



  14. There's a difference from smart, and intelligent. Smart people know how to utilize choices for the better of them and other people, Intelligence just means how vast your understanding of the subject is. You can be Intelligent, but not the slightest bit smart.

    1.  spas-ticShotty


      In that case, I'm intelligently stupid.

    2. Shiki


      o: I'm stupidly stupid.

    3.  spas-ticShotty


      I'm intelligent but I seem to lack common sense. Like, we were washing boards in art class in the sink and like a dingle-fritz, I lay the board perfectly flat on top of the sink and the water starts spilling everywhere.

  15. Everyday I find new things to do with the wii u that makes things more fun as well as useful.