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  1. P-plummy? I miss you D;

  2. I'm still reeling

  3. Most of the time when I post in here, it feels extremely weird. The stuff I post, more often than not has such a vast difference from everything being posted. Here it goes again.
  4. I am Plummy, and I wish I could be a qt anime girl. I love Jinkasu more than anything else in the whole wide world.
  5. First time checking this thread in awhile, didn't expect to find what I found. You guys have fun with that stuff you're doing.
  6. Jump for joy and die happily Tons of snuggling too of course
  7. Fear the cuteness of the huggle snuggle, for none can resist it's temptation.
  8. Kurisu is a girl... right?

  9. You act like I gave it up willingly, Plummy is VERY convincing.
  10. ps this is really jinx on here its not any one else i dont even know why you would think that it could/would be any one else but you know hahahhahahahha.........................