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About Me

I'm a professional software developer. I mostly work on systems and backend development, so I'm probably the wrong guy to ask to build you a website. I'm very passionate about my job, though I sometimes get incredibly frustrated with the human elements of it.

I have a few hobbies I enjoy partaking in with my spare time, including amateur astronomy, landscape photography and gaming. I have a few not so productive hobbies too, which includes derping around youtube and watching anime. I have some great opportunities for doing photography and astronomy because I live in a rural area far away from urban glare; but because Canada, the weather doesn't always want to cooperate.

In terms of games, I love Nintendo games in general and I'm an avid fan of the Ace Attorney series. I have a good gaming PC, but I rarely play many games on it because my internet is garbage. Yay, farm internet...

I guess an extra bit of trivia is that my OC is a ghost pony. Well, weak poltergeist would probably be more accurate. I kind of like the idea of a friendly ghost and the possibilities and limitations that come with it. But I don't RP, so it doesn't really matter.

Well, that pretty much sums everything up about me you need to know. I'm not exactly the most outgoing person you'll encounter on the forums, but hopefully that won't push you away from getting to know me. See you around!



If you're reading this, congrats. You found the easter egg. Your reward: knowing that I sometimes do this.