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Everything posted by NeverAgain653289he32

  1. Yes, I feel Nostalgia whenever I play "Star Wars: Battlefront 2". Me, and my friends would play it a lot during the summer, and it's a classic!
  2. I'm back! (Here to stay this time!)

  3. Ginger Snap woke up coughing and tried to scream for what seemed like forever, but his yelling was muffled greatly by the rag. "Mother of Celestia! How did I get in this tank?" Ginger Snap thought worryingly, and quickly tried to remember the events that occurred earlier that day. Everything but the toast he had this morning seemed a blur. He looked around horrified as the numbness of the water started to spread across his body.
  4. @, OC name:Ginger Snap Link to OC: (Under Signature) Do you think you have what it takes to survive: Meh... Are you willing to accept death if it happens: Yes.
  5. Back from hiatus. How's everyone?

  6. @@Tenshinohana,@, @, Welcome! Wow! There are really a lot more people with reddish hair on the forums that I ever imagine! Also, I believe @ is a ginger as well.
  7. His laugh...... He sounds quite sinister and also quite good, but I seriously prefer the American Discord (John De Lancie) in pretty much every aspect.
  8. I would like to present my evidence! Case A: I'd have to say that the wink sure was something. Also, I'd have to agree with @@A Talking Dragon, because he had some fine points.
  9. @@super2379,@@Zygen, I remember back when I was in 5th-6th grade I used to really care about what people thought of me so I dyed my hair, and that only made me look more weird. It took not caring about anything people said for me to be happy and for people to really like me. Now I have a bunch of friends who don't throw the ginger card into the mix unless I say things like "It looks like it's staring into my soul.
  10. @@Zygen,@@super2379, I accept your welcoming (redheads are cute ) Is it bad or good that I can joke about myself being a ginger (ex. You better watch out because remember, I can steal souls!)or do you think it would be considered an insult to other gingers.
  11. @@super2379, Pleased to meet you too friend! Here's to a long and lasting friendship (because friendship is magic), where we discuss the many ill devised stereotypes!
  12. Hello! So, I'm a ginger and today I was curious to see how many other gingers there are on the Forums. I thought that if I created this thread I could see how many other Gingers there are, and we could talk and get to know each other and help each other if we need it. Also create an army to take over the forums and enslave Feld0 and rule with a red and freckly iron fist. I know that there is not that many, so feel free to type a question for the gingers here even if you're not one if your curious about something (ex. opinion on South Park). ~RD4
  13. GTA online here I come!

  14. I ordered one pizza online now every add on every site I visit is a Pizza-hut add!

    1. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      Lol I hate pizza hut after having to work for em for about 7 months :P... Don't be a delivery driver.

    2. Misty Rose

      Misty Rose

      Yup the internet does that to you xD

  15. I became a brony back towards the end of June 2012, and it was because I saw the 'Know your meme' video about MLP. I thought that the show and the fan-base looked awesome, so I decided to watch an episode. After about 3 days of caffeinated beverages, and a sense of glee I finished the first two seasons of the show. After a period of migration looking for brony websites on the internet I found MLP forums and joined in August 2012.
  16. Hello! I'm sorry if I ruin somebody's appetite, but I remember that about two years ago when I was in a hurry eating my cereal before school I took a spoonful and bite halfway through a stinkbug and almost threw up. The only way I can describe the taste is that it somehow tastes as it smells. Blah! Bloody disgusting! Stinkbug: ~RD4
  17. @@slimmyjimjim, I have a question. Will we be taking a lot of elements from Dr. Who? Such as, 'cyber ponies', Daleks, and such? Or will it be the Equestria universe with the only element from Dr. Who being the TARDIS?
  18. NeverAgain653289he32

    Leif Erikson Day

    I already know what my avatar will be.....
  19. How's everybody doing?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. NeverAgain653289he32


      I'm keeping my mind off of it by making my Leif Erikson Day avatar

    3. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      Wishing I was anywhere but home/hell

    4. NeverAgain653289he32


      At least you're on the forums and can talk to someone if you need to. :)

  20. I'm thinking of starting a blog, but I'm wondering how I should start it.

    1. Jack Spades

      Jack Spades

      Start off by trying to cram in as many references you know into that blog all at once.

  21. Hello! Well, this sounds interesting enough. Name of OC: Ginger Snap (link is under my signature for his full background) Talent: Comedy Suggested time/dimension: Equestria: Present day Favorite pony: Littlepip (or Rainbow Dash if we're being confined to canon ponies) ~RD4
  22. It was nothing, really. I'm just glad that I could help you with your naming problem. Hope the person you made it for likes the choice of name.
  23. Hello! It looks like you need help, so I'll take a stab. Golden Shimmer Skylight Shimmer Skylight Shine Golden Flash Sunlight Sparkle Light Bright Lifelight
  24. I come back on for the day and see that my thread from almost a year ago got bumped back up. I read the replies and love each and every one of them. Glad to see that everybody is learning a good lesson from the show. Also, @@Dawn Stripes, I must say you're right. Thank you for the compliment about my thread idea, good sir or madam.