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  1. I don't drink juice with breakfast It doesn't go well with my stomach in the morning I prefer a hot beverage like coffee tea/sometimes even hot chocolate. I do drink juice with Lunch or when ever I'm thirsty though
  2. 0.o I don't mind Disney. Disney was alright in the 80-90's but since the 2000's not so much. So MLP & Disney separate......
  3. I don't why? 1) Why should you force someone into something? 2) I have friends who aren't bronies and I'm fine with that, I mean its just a fandom, not like the wold's gonna end if the don't join. 3) @, I agree with pretty much all that you typed.
  4. Wow........ My Little Pony Friendship is Magic won! Legend of Korra is pretty decent, though I prefer Avatar the last air bender more. (In comparison to LoK)
  5. Who dug up this topic again? Ughhh why can't everyone go their separate ways? Is getting annoying now. Not all bronies, live under momma's roof, are homosexuals (what does sexual orientation have to do with it anyway), have no life etc. And no I'm not a "pega-slut" so fuck off haters! Sorry that was a bit off topic/rant. but I'm tired of all the damn stereotypes
  6. The day ponies take over the planet, I'll take a space shuttle to mars. Joking, It'd be fun for a while but after a while...not so much. As if! but deep down inside I wish the world would.
  7. Hmm MLP forums is a great forum. There is soo much damn hate in this world. Sometimes you can't "love and tolerate," tell that person off. To either ignore people or tell them off! N/A
  8. Hmm, I think that 1. The're others like him maybe somewhere else on their ''planet'' or another completely different planet.
  9. Cupcakes I dunno why maybe it has something to do with me eating a cupcake that tasted/smelt like a raw egg when I was younger. Blueberry muffins are yum though despite previous experience.
  10. Hmm dogs, a lot of cats, budgies and tortoises. I have 7 dogs, most who are chihuahua mix, the other part rottweiler. 10+ cats (I'm already a cat lady, at age 18, am I destined to be forever alone?) Budgies, ones green the other one's, well blue.... Tortoises the black ones with orange. Anyway I love animals!!
  11. What other fandoms are you in? Or what other things do you like can be music, video games, anime, other television shows etc. Are you obsessed with your other fandoms? Do you express being in these fandoms? If so how? Just curious.... EDIT: You can also talk about the stuff you like also, music, sports etc
  12. No thank Celestia. Anyway everyone one has their own obessesions. The same way how bronies may think directioners are crazy for liking 5 guys, directioners might think bronies are crazy for liking a cartoon meant pre-pubescent girls. It's just a persons opinion. Either way any obsession is annoying as one directioners will not shut up about 1D and some bronies just scare me..... Niall
  13. Yeah I do think it's unfair why should you do something you don't want to? Well at least your trying to deal with it as there's nothing you can do. I agree! Well I would do it because I'm a revengeful brute but it usually back fires on me .
  14. Once actual instruments are used, the singer can sing properly yet still with hold their own style I like it. I like music across all genres, once my ears don't bleed I'm happy.
  15. I'm not sure if I think it's pandering or not but I'm leaning towards no with some small exceptions. Why are some people getting their underwear in a bunch? If some bronies want to believing it's pandering/ fan servicing let them if some others don't so be it. It's just ones opinion...... Unless Hasbro says "We are not pandering," as if they'd ever do that..... let people think what they want to think, it's part pf the fun of being a brony to over analyse sometimes. I agree though it is annoying at times but I just ignore it and let them think what they wanna think..no need for me to get flustered over a person's non-detrimental opinion.