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  1. If anyone would like to Roleplay send me a PM!

  2. Well im back! Its been a long time but i decided to come back to the forms!

    1. Solace


      nothing much has changed, but its still a fun place :)

  3. Well i decided to take a lil break from the fourms,il be back sometime in april,catch ya all later

  4. The new episode was AWESOME!

  5. The new episode was AWESOME!

  6. I dont know if i should like the new Twilight Alicorn or dislike it..

  7. Only 1 and a half months til i go on vacation! Im so excited :D

  8. I need to get more active here.

  9. Wow alot of my friends left the forums :/

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    2. Uhhhhhhh


      No like Lightning Fluttershy and Clarity left and they are my good friends :/

    3. ApexHunter



      I remember you mentioning those 2 on your profile. :/

      But still, not everyone left. that's a good thing right?

    4. Uhhhhhhh
  10. Wow alot of my friends left the forums :/

  11. What is love? Baby don't hurt me...

  12. What is love? Baby don't hurt me...

  13. Awwwwwwww ya gettin a portal turret for my bday.

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