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  1. Awesome! I'd like to thank all the developers out there who made the possible. These forums continue to improve with you guys Thanks for adding such great features
  2. I'll get it for sure. Can't wait, this ought to be one of Nintendo's best consoles, as long as they meet the needs of us hardcore gamers :3
  3. I feel as if Rarity would become the first mother of the bunch. I feel as if she is older then the other ponies, and knows more about what she wants in life, and how to find it. She seems considerably more mature, and more ready to take on the position then the other ponies. I'd say Fluttershy would be the next to have a child, but it'd take a while to find a stallion who falls in love with, and who falls in love with her, to the point where they have a child. Fluttershy would probably end up being the best mother of the bunch as well, as long as she can work her magic on a child. After Fluttershy, I'd like to think Applejack would become a mother. Applejack is responsible, and knows what she is looking for, so she would probably be next, but you never know. After Applejack, it's really a tossup between the remaining 3 ponies.
  4. The point of the site is to document all instances of stupidity, particularly Internet stupidity. They document all cases of "e-drama", and troll other sites in hopes of getting a funny reaction to post on their own site. The site revolves around the way people act, and creating this forum is giving them exactly what they want. Don't feed the trolls.
  5. I love Rarity's voice ._. My least favorite is Applejack's, her voice doesn't work well in song in my opinion. I also love Pinkie Pie's and Twilight Sparkle's singing voice.
  6. Aloe and Lotus!!! <3

  7. I believe Rarity is a Automysophobic (afraid of getting dirty). I also believe she is a Atychiphobic (fear of letting people down/fear of failure), though almost all of the Mane 6 might have Atychiphobia.
  8. In Real life: I've been put through a lot, and I've seen a lot, and I'm only 15. Being a victim of bullying at it's worse, I learned to keep to myself, and ignore what others think about me. As a result, I've since then only looked out for myself, and I've thus became a very selfish person. I'm not generous at all, which is why Rarity is my favorite pony. I'd love to be as generous as her. I'm also very cold hearted, and I'm not open to new things. I'm cynical, and deceitful, but this doesn't mean I'm not a good person at heart... If you got to know me, and are able to look past my hard shell, I'd think you'd find that I am a fantastic person inside, and I truly care and love all my friends and family. I'd love to be able to get out of the shell I hide in, but it's my personality, and I'm not changing anytime soon. I'm a very kind person, and I wish I could show it more. On the Internet: I've had a fantastic online life. I've made great friends and I've been able to show who I really am, and I'm completely thankful for that. I probably spend too much time online as a result
  9. I like all the moments. They're all so different and give a good lesson about real life and real life friendships. I love them all :3
  10. I don't think Pokemon is a great example of this. People haven't been leaving the series because of lack of content, and if you ask anyone who has left the series, I'm positive they'll say that they are fine with the recent games, and they think they are great. They are leaving the series because they have lost interest in the series, and have since moved on. They couldn't keep up with all the new Pokemon and events like they could when they were children. Nostalgia and growing up are two of the reasons older players aren't fans of the series as a whole anymore. If you asked these people when they had time if they would play the original Pokemon, or their remakes, they would probably say yes. That wasn't a good example IMO. Now, back on topic: Disney hasn't been producing the same content over the years. They have realized they can make more money using a different approach, sadly.The audience Disney is aiming at want comedy, and that's what they are trying to give them, with very little movies that are like their old ones, unfortunately. They think that making rereleases make up for it =/. Not saying they are doing a good job, but Disney's focus will now be this. Pixar is a different story though, as they produce their own stuff, and they can pull off what they do.
  11. While I do believe in a higher power, I can't help but agree with all you've said. Absolutely brilliantly written. I tip my hat off to you.
  12. Eventually, I believe it will eventually end. I believe nuclear war will eventually destroy the Earth, especially with all this growing technology. By then, however, we will have made more scientific advancements, so it's hard to say that nuclear war will indeed destroy the Earth. We could also just assume that Earth may end, but we'll all be reincarnated as a pony to live in Equestria.
  13. They are too human-like to be a pet. I'd rather become a pony and be their roommate or something along those lines.
  14. Hm, I wonder if they will get rid of Ness and Lucas... I hope not, those are my best characters! I would be extremely upset if they were removed.
  15. I had a IRL nickname, Bagel, so I just added "bass" onto the end of that to get "bagelbass". Nothing too special