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    The MLP part of me:

    Cadence is best pony :P! How can you not Love a pony who is all about sharing Love with others?

    "Cloth yourselves in love which binds us all in perfect Harmony" :)!

    I love all the mane 6, but tend towards Twilight as best of the mane 6.

    I play a lot of DOTA on my PC along with a few other games (if you ever want to play DOTA shout me and ill have a game or to with you :)!

    Gotta love football (I also play squash) and watch most sports :)!

    I love to blog as well, and I blog quite a lot on the forum about all sorts of stuff! I've tried to make my own website but I can never seem to get it right!

    Im Currently also building a website (yeah its pre fabbed but I'm getting better at the simple first!!! It's great fun and goes along nicely with my blogging interests, I might even make a blog on the site!

    As a Christian (you may have seen some of my posts :P) I try my best to live out my faith, as Jesus is the most important thing to me and my life revolves around it. It forms my personal Motto "do what you love and take Jesus with you", and would love to chat with everyone about Jesus :)!

    ANIME (best to worst):

    Miria Nikki (so much feels all way thru)
    Elfin Leid
    Death Note

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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. It's actually crazy it got this far. I remeber when I first started watching at the start of season 2, we said 6 seasons and a film as a joke, hopeing at best for 3 and mayb even 4 seasons. But now we have 7 seasons and multiple films. I have absolutly no idea how far this will go!
  4. My hair is blond and just a bit shorter then the length of your avatars Man I love running my hand through and playing with my long hair, but damn it is so annoying! Getting it cut on Friday, and will finally be able to have a quick shower and not leave it all greasy from playing with it ><!
  5. I don't think it will be the end, especially with pokemon go releasing! I'm sure they will maybe link both together in the future ! Would be cool to be able to get /some really rare or shiny versions of pokemon in Go and then transfer it via poke bank or something to the cartridge version!
  6. Yeah! I love the spiders, eat those nasty stinging wasps! Although I have to admit, in the UK it's not like we get huge spiders and non are agressive. Ive I lived in Australia it might eb a different matter
  7. I have to totally agree with petrol, I have no idea why it smells so good!!!
  8. The free Microsoft Windows defender is the best overall and th one I would have on all the time in the background! Malwearbytes if you get something! Source: I work in IT support for my uni
  9. Man I feel the exact same! I pay like £10 to play for 20 mins and then decide it's boring! It's been like this for a few years, I'm beginning to think I've just grown out of the game and it time to move on to newer things! I think the fact that the community I had in WoW died reinforces that. Regarding the motivation thing, I think I am experiencing something similar! I used to game on wow for 5+ (sometimes 10 hours) straight no problem! Now when I play I just don't relax at all and just get frustrated. I think that watching anime and doing other things now is how I relax! (I also play dota and runescape a bit)
  10. Hi Everypony! I am looking into creating some simple tunes and I have no idea what softwear to get and where to start! I know there are many talented musicians on his forum and was just wondering what you guys use and why !
  11. I'm a big fan of electronic music, particularly things like chillstep and trance/techno. Well, if you are as well then you will know this guy: Mitis. This song is probably his best! It has no words, its just sheer brilliance: yeah its a great song and skril is by far my fav musician when it comes to dubstep! Just so different from everyone else in a genre that can be very very samey at times.
  12. Im a rainbow dash! You like what you like in the end, there is no point hiding it if people ask for it just becomes a burden and who wants to burden themselves with secrets? I am curious: PEOPLE WHO VOTES APPLEJACK Why do you use the forum ? (this is not out of being mean spirited I'm just curious)
  13. I some ways I think your right! Loyalty is a hard one.. sometimes she can't be loyal to more then one person (I mean she Knew gilda before Pinkie and she basically gave up on Gilda in a day rather then trying to help her become friends with Pinkie (until the most recent episode). Her element is kinda hard to define, its more like the element of "doing the right thing".
  14. The ponies, like anyone, have off days and are still learning about friendship and how to interact with other ponies! I mean, if they treated my badly I would definitely feel hurt, but I will forgive them if they decided to say sorry for whatever they had done! I think they can sometimes be mean without realising, ie, EG2; they don't let Sunset Shimmer into the band until the very end, and also forget she is there (which is pretty hard on someone, even if its not explicitly being mean to them).
  15. @@Sir Cal Stonehoof, To add something to other people comments on the queen, she is like the original perfect celebrity. Gives a lot of people hope, especially with the current situation in the UK and around the world. It's uplifting ! At the same time, its not like normal celebrity, there is no real jealousy because she was born into it, not like we can become that or change it.