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    The MLP part of me:

    Cadence is best pony :P! How can you not Love a pony who is all about sharing Love with others?

    "Cloth yourselves in love which binds us all in perfect Harmony" :)!

    I love all the mane 6, but tend towards Twilight as best of the mane 6.

    I play a lot of DOTA on my PC along with a few other games (if you ever want to play DOTA shout me and ill have a game or to with you :)!

    Gotta love football (I also play squash) and watch most sports :)!

    I love to blog as well, and I blog quite a lot on the forum about all sorts of stuff! I've tried to make my own website but I can never seem to get it right!

    Im Currently also building a website (yeah its pre fabbed but I'm getting better at the simple first!!! It's great fun and goes along nicely with my blogging interests, I might even make a blog on the site!

    As a Christian (you may have seen some of my posts :P) I try my best to live out my faith, as Jesus is the most important thing to me and my life revolves around it. It forms my personal Motto "do what you love and take Jesus with you", and would love to chat with everyone about Jesus :)!

    ANIME (best to worst):

    Miria Nikki (so much feels all way thru)
    Elfin Leid
    Death Note

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