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  1. Luriel Maelstrom

    Rarity's toast

    I am forcing myself to draw more. Right now I might stop because I need to practice drawing more. I don't want to disappoint my friend who requested me a drawing
  2. Luriel Maelstrom

    Rarity's toast

    Thank you. I like the eyes and the signature too. Her eyes make me think she's kind of british for some reason x3 Had to use a reference for her mane it was quite difficult back in the day when I only started drawing.
  3. Luriel Maelstrom

    Rarity's toast

    A request from ooBrony it took me a while because of laziness and I tried to make it look great. I think it looks good. I even came up with a signature for Rarity I hope you like it. Tell me what you think about it. I really need feedback.
  4. Luriel Maelstrom

    The feelings I have when it comes to art

    Before bed I was thinking what I drew and said and I forgot to mention that I am mostly jealous of the art quality not that others use tablets. I just drew it like this because I couldn't draw it any better. In the future maybe if I am great at art I will draw what I wanted to draw. I wanted to draw a great OC artist showing his great art but I don't want to copy paste a picture of his art I wanted to draw but since I don't have the skills to do it I didn't. And yes, it bothers me a bit that if I make a mistake too many times it is visible on paper but I learned how to fix that. Anyways, thank you everyone for your support. If you'd like to see my art you can go to my tumblr or DA which you can find on my profile page. Thank you everyone!
  5. Luriel Maelstrom

    The feelings I have when it comes to art

    Does anyone else feel like this when they see other art? I do. I wanna be a great artist but I don't know if my art is that good to be great.
  6. Luriel Maelstrom

    Dragon Pony rawr

    Nice artwork. Oh and then you for following me on tumblr I checked out your art. It's great : 3
  7. Luriel Maelstrom

    OCs by Luriel

    This is some of my art. I want your help. I need get more support by having you like my art and maybe share it. It would really help if people would notice me more on tumblr. I also want to ask you how good is my art? For me it's bad but you know most of artists say their art is bad. So it would be amazing if you'd all help me by just spread my art. I don't even have a tablet to make it great and I don't like coloring so I use a gray pencil. My tumblr:
  8. Luriel Maelstrom

    3 words

    I am shocked! (I am shocked because this was done 2 years ago and I can't believe someone actually revived this! I am happier now ^w^ Thank you people <3)
  9. Luriel Maelstrom

    Would you rather meet your OC or your favorite pony?

    Well... I would like to meet my favourite pony just because I need love IRL because I'm not getting any. But probably would like to meet my OC more just to see what would he really be like when I'm not controlling him in RPs. I bet he'd control me =3
  10. Luriel Maelstrom

    Sorry in advance, d'aww moment ahead.

    It looks good. I like it. 1 thing is her muzzle, it's like you know...royal female it's more like male. It would look better if the muzzle was like in this pic:
  11. Luriel Maelstrom

    Discord and Celestia Chillin'

    I'm jelly, I have to say. You're a great artist. I'd like to point out that looking at your drawing I think they're both younger and I can't even explain why. But I like it. Goodjob
  12. Luriel Maelstrom

    A few drawings of my OC

    To tell you the truth I don't think I have a style, It's just regular ponies but 1% anthro, I imagine that all my drawings and RPs ponies walk on backhooves like humans and wear clothes. But thanks.
  13. Luriel Maelstrom

    New eye style?

    It looks alright but I think you should put highlights inside the eyes atleast one. like in your avatar Twilight has a highlight. Might fix, Other than that it looks great
  14. Luriel Maelstrom

    A few drawings of my OC

    Thank you <3 And not at first =P Because I've been drawing for a year now
  15. Luriel Maelstrom

    A few drawings of my OC

    Will do. I am trying to get back into the forums since I am a member that signed in 2 years ago (I think) There are a lot of good people here and artists =)