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  1. I think I know how to create your OC colours to have shading to it, thanks by the way I'll start working on it as soon as I can! Working on this art for a Fan fic currently, but I'll get it done soon hopefully. Thanks again for the resource image~
  2. Actually yes! Thank you for supplying me with the traditional type image scanned, it helps me all that much more . All I have to do is use the path tool and outline the the line-art, and take it from there! I comprendo of what you want, I'll start working on it soon Thanks again for supplying with a good resource image.
  3. Hey Forums! So, I'm just now really getting back into art, and was wondering if there's any of you out there who wants me to Photo Edit a picture for them? Reasons for why I say "photo edit" is because I still lack of a graphics tablet, and is restricted to the use of a mouse. I can however photo edit as the reasonably same level so I practice that instead digitally. Any requests is fine, however many is fine. I just need a photo and I'll see what I can do. Also this is mainly for improvement and practice (and fun ).
  4. I'll see if it's just the camera blurring from motion, but shant' I make more Ponies, prepare your plot. I'm actually working on an art request right now, CMC I might post it after I'm done... DARKER and CLEARER and crispier like the taste of cinnamon toast crunch.
  5. I Literally pressed that pencil on the paper as hard I could, but it wouldn't get darker! Plus I was afraid of messing it up on accident. Thanks though for the kind comment though
  6. So, It's been a while since I've been on the forums, and thought that this would be the perfect thing to create as a pointless topic! I'm just wondering if this is any good, I did take a little longer on this sketch, approx. 2 hours. Sorry if it's too light to see, it's the level of shade on the graphite (2B) I was using, normal 2B pencil so.... Yeah, but I have plenty of other B's and graphite but I haven't used it yet. Anyway, any good Forums?
  7. Wow, the site shure has grown quite a bit since I've been gone! Too bad school and of the such is still too much of a hastle to enjoy peace and tranquility here, but it's nice to see that this website's heading hard 120%

  8. I'd love to stay and chat, but school and Furries are so much of a hastle! Nait gaiz' c:

  9. Well'p, I've watched Ponies for 19-20 hours straight, won the ULTIMATE BRONY CHALLENGE max points, and am about to play some Halo 3

  10.!/RyuKun999 Any(pony) want to add me via FB? I'm reserving spots for more Bronies, if you guys want to anyway, I'm always up for a chat usually
  11. Though I only can download free games, probably Garrys Mod or Arma2...? Anyway, favourite of one I CAN download is TF2, I love spraypainting Twilight everywhere
  12. I'm about to do the ULTIMATE BRONY CHALLENGE just for your Forums, I'm going for full points, wish me luck

  13. Ohyeah, don't want to flood the status' but HAPPY B-DAY FORUMS!! I'd stay for the cake, but school-n-all :T Party Hard Bronies

  14. I ponder if Discord knows that the Bird, is indefinitely the word...

    1. Jadefire


      Discord MADE the bird the word.

    2. Ad Foedera Cresco

      Ad Foedera Cresco

      In that case...

      Okay, but I have to get off, it's late XD

  15. I do think that some of the things were abit "different", though it's not like we haven't seen worse on CN before. I'm glad you've posted this because I saw characters of shows I've completely forgot who looked like! I was thinking about that robot earlier, had an episode where he had a puzzle cube contest against some bully. I loved that show for some reason, maybe the animation of the robot.... Awesome video, recognized 100% characters in the entire thing