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  1. To RP or not to RP, that is the question...

  2. Haven't posted in forever....I wanna get back into RPing but I'm so busy D:

  3. My posts probably won't be as constant as the rest, as I usually only post once or twice per day instead of more, as I have painfully learned how overwhelming that has been for me, but I'll try to keep up, just keep your character open to a reply if you speak to Red Velvet. Thank you!
  4. Opalicious

    Open Ups and Downs RP

    There was never anything to do in the day for Red Velvet, and with no actual job, other than each alternate night, he had become immune to the boredom that the day brought. Each morning was the same, go out to work out in the gym, eat somewhere, work out some more, and head back home, sometimes with the extra "duty" of standing at a door for a few hours to look aggressive. As Red Velvet finished the first workout of the day, he began racking his brain on where to eat. It must have been almost noon at this point, perhaps 11:00 AM, and his breakfast had been rather meager, as it is every day
  5. I think I'll wait a bit with posting until people have been given a bit more time to think, I don't want to start this off immediately and have it go nowhere.
  6. Quick question before I post, do we want to end up in the diner for breakfast, lunch or dinner? I couldn't find any info in the OP.
  7. Pale yellow coats with white mane ftw!!! I only made him look like that though because I assume that's attractive on pony standards...

  9. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/red-velvet-r4303 Hello, it is as you see, that I'm trying to join your RP. As the character's made, and he wants to get...into this roleplay ( ), my rhymes are now failing for me...

  11. Skip to 1:27! That scene is bloody killing me!!! :D
  12. Celebrate! Why? I knew you weren't gonna ask! Because!

  13. Sky Warden, you there? Unless someone who's been gone for a while like Q&A or Doctor Docile posts, you'd be the optimal choice for the next post. @@Sky Warden, All right, new offer. Of the people still here and able to read this, is anyone in favor of a revival of the RP in a new thread? It seems this place is slowing down too much and that it might be wiser to start all over again. Anyone in favor?
  14. Just watched Equestria Girls on Youtube, and I gotta say, "Not bad." I can tell Flash will be a reoccurring figure, at least I hope so, and Pinkie...oh Pinkie...

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    2. Opalicious


      Aww man, I was hoping for the first Mane 6 romance of the show! :'(

    3. Opalicious


      Well, positives and negatives, I don't want the show to become like G2 either.

    4. Opalicious


      Pinkie is so damn creepy, knowing everything and stuff. I prefer ponies way over humans though.

  15. Actually, the rule is that you have to wait for three people to post after you. Silent Dawn also posted twice, not following that rule but the time rule, which is 48 hours. This means that four people have posted after your last post.
  16. Sorry, I mistyped there. Screw spellcheck. I spell mistyped and spellcheck how I want, no matter how red it gets.The red Sky Warden in my quote above is supposed to say Silent Dawn.
  17. That's weird, my last alarm post was deleted. I think we're waiting for Sky Warden to post because it would be most logical, as Sam Avalon, Sky Warden and I have posted. Now where's everyone else?
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