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  1. I don't know whether or not to call her pretty or cute because she's both :3 hands down cutest pony
  2. It really is quite the downgrade from the beginning of MLP to now, episode 101, after watching yesterday's episode I wasn't really quite sure what to feel... It's like the writers are trying to make Spike seem like a type of idiot, despite knowing he's proven himself to be intelligent and supportive to Twilight's goals as well as the other members of the Mane 6. Yeah I know he's a baby dragon and he still has to learn the ways of the world around him as well as the lessons of friendship, but he's not that idiotic. Yes the writers took the time on trying to shape his character into being round and dynamic but it's not quite showing as much as it should be. He's not exactly a character but he's not exactly background either.
  3. I've had social anxiety for almost my entire life, younger I was a bit more social than I am now but that changed after I moved countries and grew older (of course). I've always had few friends and never really liked talking to people in public, especially people like cashiers, waiters, etc. It takes you on a whole new level of self-consciousness and you start you feel afraid of the world. While you and the others on this forum with the same case might already know this fact, and I'm sure you do -- you are not alone and will never be. The silent ones, the outcasts, and the rebels will always be somewhere in the world always there in our souls. ~
  4. What I do if Im stuck in a name-choosing ditch is to pluck out a real name and twist it around and play with the letters or change the beginnings and stuff like that. Like my OC Gwyyn. Her name started out as Gwen, then turned into Gwendolyn, then Gwyn, then Gwyyneth, and now the end result of Gwyyn. Its just the matter of switching stuff around for meh. Though I have no idea how I got the name Archellia for another OC of mine
  5. Erro! So I went through your guys' posts and found that several of you don't really know how to find out what your zodiac sign is or aren't entirely too sure... Details will now be added to the main post.
  6. <3 Nice to know there's several other Scorpios around this forum. I love reading all your signs and how they work out for you guys!
  7. I learned about how dangerous the mines are in Bolivia, and this one particular one named the Devil's Mine. There were these two boys that were forced to work there so that they could get money for what they need to survive and go to school, they worshipped both the Devil and God because in the mines; it was believed that if you didn't make some sort of offering to the Devil, he would kill you with the explosions in the mine. They had to sacrifice llamas so that they would live... It was an intense documentary...
  8. I has feels for you... Honestly I've gotten into depression for no absolute reason before and it's just... ugh... Its worse if your incredibly emotional like me... The feelings overwhelm you and everything, and you absorb the emotions of others... its terrible sometimes and makes you just want to curl up in a corner forever.. What I would do? Go to your friends and just surround yourself in the love and friendship that's around them and tell yourself that your amazing and inspirational to the world. It seems a bit vain but trust me it helps.
  9. Fantasy stories and sci-fi books are the way to go for me, call it a way to get lost in a world that's different from us. Problem is, finding the right book that's not filled with stuff that's already been overused >_<
  10. Well I would use it with at least a hold on my humanity... but I would use such endless creative ways to murder someone if I was a batshit insane person (I promise Im not usually this murderous but the Death Note gets me) Your trying to get in the CIA too? :3
  11. *rolls around on floor squealing in fangirly excitement* Stary.exe has stopped working.
  12. What keeps me going? The fact of knowing that I have friends who accept me for who I am and care for what happens. That and the hope that I will someday make a difference in this world by making people smile and stand up for themselves when someone has pinned them down, I hate seeing people vulnerable and so weakened by others like that, and I want people to see that they have power in what's happening.