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  1. Kaela PopTart Patton

    Oh um Hi....

    Um...Mr.?? im a miss...
  2. NO Who Screamed??!! I tried clicking A but nothing happened!!
  3. im guessing he is a cross between a horse and a pony...
  4. Kaela PopTart Patton

    Oh um Hi....

    Oh thanks everypony...I'm glade i feel at home!
  5. I <3 RainbowDash and Fluttershy!! But i am against the silly shipping FlutterDash....anyway scootaloo and Princess Luna are the other ones i fave too
  6. Kaela PopTart Patton

    Oh um Hi....

    Hello call me Flaire and I'm new here...its hard being a blank flank...i hope i will see you guys in Minecraft! -BROHOOF-
  7. Pegasus...Of Course Pegasus because RainbowDash and Fluttershy are my 2 favorite pegasi...and that my friend...is my answer.
  8. Heh heh...a week before Christmas!!....in December...like i mean who wouldn't want to join?
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