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  1. The purgggeee (I'm completely changing my account so please if you knew me pretend you don't m'kay?)

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! ....My ears... There is something wrong. Two things, in fact. One, my ears have dissolved and two, this hyperactive pony made it like that. Actually, Twilight said that is sciet-sciencis- scientic- It's scientifically impossible. Allow me, Twilight Sparkle, to explain. These two were once one, but because- HEY TWILIGHT, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM! The Library? Anyways, because Pinkie said she wanted to be forever happy, I thought of destroying the sad part in her head that calls itself "Pinkamena". Really, no hard feelings, Pinkamena. I know I am sad and miserable and nopony likes me. You were just being honest. Um...okay then. As I was saying, I tried a spell. Things...did not go as planned. Instead of destroying it, I separated the two- happy and sad- which makes it scientifically impossible to be each other, since they are basically the embodiment of a feeling inside the actual Pinkie Pie. I was originally going to call them "Happy" and "Sad", but Pinkamena insisted I used these names instead. This also makes me realize you cannot separate a feeling, or you are just not really...You. "Happy" is never serious and laughs at anything, and instead of helping somepony when they fall she laughs. Because she must always be happy. And "Sad" helps anypony, merely out of pity. They would probably start something like a black hole if they became opposites. I have no idea what you just said! Why so you say that with a smile?! Oh, right....
  3. I have to get up at 5 A.M when I usually watch the show. I guess there's no sleep for me! It's not like I actually slept at night, anyways..
  4. I heard that in 30 days they were going to announce the release date. Of course, that was days ago, so there are probably less days.
  5. ((Sorry, guys. School got in the way, but now I can answer some questions :3)) A WAR?! I didn't know there was a war, Oh My Gosh, A WAR?! Canada is great! Mmm, Maple Syrup! Or are you talking about the person Canada? He...wait, who was I talking about again? I think Fluttershy is in a mental hospital right now, and her shed is off limits for some reason. But, yes I have, and it needs some improvements. It needs much more blood. And torture devices. Although, using somepony as a toaster cozy is clever. Just, do NOT tell the police I was able to get into that shed without their permission. ((I really hope someone gets that Hetalia reference. If not, then just ignore what Pinkie said about someone who is called Canada.))
  6. I really like Discord X Twilight now after reading this one fan fic, and I'm wondering if there are any others. Any suggestions?
  7. Of course! We can eat cupcakes and make cupcakes and have parties and meet other ponies and- Pinkamena? Why are you crouched up in the corner like that? You're creeping me out.... U-Uhm...I-It's okay though, right? Not bad?! Right?! Ha! You're actually frowning! Hilarious! .....
  8. Why would I want to? Your world is far more depressing and cruel. Aaw, don't say that! I'm sure it's okay! No. NO.
  9. User: Pinkie Pie is best pony. Cleverbot: WHAT? No! Fluttershy is best pony! User: PINKIE PIE IS BEST PONY! Cleverbot: Pinkie Pie is too spontaneous. User: YOU'RE TOO SPONTANEOUS. Cleverbot: You're starting to rhyme. User: Really? Cleverbot: Yes. User: I am Zecora! Cleverbot: Really. User: No. I can't come up with rhymes that fast. Cleverbot: Now you do. User: Wut..
  10. Can other people ask for help naming their OC's too? Like my friend. I suggested Sugar Rush, but I bet that is so overused, that I wanted to suggest a new one. I will post a pic later.
  11. Of course she did. She ALWAYS makes friends....B-But anyways. Now that I am answering this question, I do not need color. Cupcakes? Cupcakes?! That was! I would be able to do SO much better! If some ponies are that stupid to try that, mid as well hide in a shed with a chainsaw and tell everypony not to go in it. Pinkie is kinda traumatized by that though, which I think is....stupid...but no. I would atleast make my victims more....willing. And baking them into cupcakes? You call that sick? I've seen a cat barfing up it's insides. And my reaction? IT WAS ADORABLE! Seriously, come on guys. Pony up. ((I love this post.))
  12. Guys, guys. Pairings are already canon. Don't you remember Shining Armor and Cadence? They are even married! So, yeah. Pairings are now canon.
  13. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Invader Zim (That was in order, which is only two. The rest are just some that I like) Adventure Time Regular Show Other stupid cartoons....