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  1. Happy birthday! 2-8-17

  2. As some of you may know, there is a new Doom around the corner, coming May 13. This weekend they gave everyone free access to the open beta for Doom's Multiplayer mode. Me being the nostalgic gamer that I am was wishing that the multiplayer would tie into the classic arena style multiplayer of which we've seen in Quake. The harsh reality that I was actually met with did not appeal to me at all. XP progression system only holding 2 weapons at a time not to mention the Season pass being forced down our throats almost seeming as a necessity these factors, although they might seem nor
  3. Rayman Origins uplay code. come get it KQ8A-C7M3-XXTA-PUQL

  4. and I'm back everyone. its been quite a while. I wonder if anyone I remember is still on?

    1. Kyoshi


      Oh, hey! :D Good to see you back. :)

    2. ParsoOfEquestria


      oh hey Kyoshi. good to be back :)

    3. dragon4111


      Yep good tah see ya.


  5. somethings I've always wondered, if Luna can look into ponies' dreams and enters a teenage colt's dream- oh god...I think I'm better off not knowing
  6. we were all so confused. I don't even know what the hell happened
  7. It started off just doing a couple missions on GTA Online, until this happened. no mods were used or anything, this is pure game glitching tf out
  8. why does the destroyed Golden Oaks Library always remind me of Banjo's destroyed house in Banjo Tooie

  9. GET BACK! GET BACK! STAY AWAY FROM ME! what happens in /mlp/ must stay there
  10. bring out ya dead! *ding*

    1. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      This ones not dead!

  11. ParsoOfEquestria

    Sugar Belle Fan Club

    I like her. I thought she looked cute even when she was 'markless'. even if the muffins tasted bad
  12. tfw you accidentally click the home button instead of refresh

  13. its my birthday, don't really feel 20 though

  14. 6. I see a shrink once a week. apparently I'm emotionally damaged
  15. 29 but I think you need to look over that. I'm pretty sure entertainment is more important than what the game looks like
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