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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hopefully I get to see it. Last time was blocked by clouds.
  3. Man it's kinda a long time before the movie trailer is even out. Oh well plenty of time to get caught up and what naught. Curious how well it'll sell though.
  4. Watching the episode Live. Even though Ads are ruining it

  5. Well he lives in the 5th dimension. How could you expect it not to be strange? XD
  6. Great i knew it was coming but ugh more Fluttercord shipping fuel is on the way. Oh well don't mind me im just going to sit in a corner by myself while i wonder what might have happened.
  7. Pretty sure they could. Twilight could be a full blown terrorist if she wanted to and Rainbow Dash could make storms and other natural disasters. I'm not too sure about the physics of her sonic rainboom but that could destroy windows mos likely.