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  1. Why shouldn't we get to know that you where here to study us? why would that be a secret? saidTwilight, i guess we could take a walk around the town, but was your flying thing supposed to big a big crater when it landed?
  2. herbivorouswha? she said confused, let me get applejack, she might have something you can eat while we talk about magic, applejack went to her farm getting something to eat. so you wanted to know about magic? magic is something we unicorns learn from we are very small, it has always been there for us, we can levitate objects, teleport, we can actually do most things that we can imagine. Looks like applejack is back, get something to eat and tell us why you are here..
  3. Details, right, we are four legged creatures called ponies, there are three types of us, we got the Pegasus race, they have wings, and live up in Cloudsdale, We have the unicorns, the ones with a horn, they can preform magic, and you have earthponies. Im a unicorn, im a student of our beloved princess Celestia, and i guess you can call me a geek, i like reading book. We all need food to survive, oh that reminds me, do you eat? because if your hungry you should tell us Twilight replied
  4. W....waaaaterfa.....wwwaaa mumbled Fluttershy, Spit it out Applejack said, Waterfalls, mountains, buildings, he showed me, the creature showed me where he is from, it was a bit scary since he needed to hold me down, but i don't think he means any harm fluttershy said. Twilight began thinking if this creature came from another planet, perhaps another galaxy, she had red much about the galaxy when she when she was reading for her studies, what was it like she asked, Fluttershy responded It was beautiful, much like ours, they had clear sky's, green landscape, and a city with many big and funny looking buildings, they where all like the creature, working around. I don't like the looks of that creature said rarity, it has no style. Its a He Fluttershy responded, or at least i think it is a he, and it looked like they where cataloging creatures over their galaxy Twilight walked inside the library, and asked the creature, what should we call you? do you have a name? and is everything that Fluttershy is saying true? did you show her your home place? (keep it going)
  5. Twilight and the others helped the creature into Twilights library, she set up a bed for him, and placed him under the blanket, they walked out shutting the door behind them. Once they where outside they began talking, What is that thing asked applejack Im not sure replied Twilight, but it certainly can comunicate with us, and thats will make it easier for us to find out, i hope. Fluttershy came walking towards them. Applejack then remembered that Fluttershy could talk to animals, maybe she could talk to this one too? Fluttershy, can you please try to talk to the creature inside the library? it seems that its speaking with its mind, and i thought since your good with animals and all maybe you can get him to tell us what it is here for? Fluttershy didn't really want to go inside, but she did for her friends, when she entered the house she got speecheless, she neithier had seen anything like it before, so all she could press out was a gently little hello (Keep on)
  6. What was that?!?! said Rainbow dash, that was creepy, Twilight replied that the creature in front of them talked with it mind, Rainbow dash didn't quite understand, Twilight walked gently towards the creature, asking Are you alright?, it looked like the creature was hurt, but they weren't sure, Twilight said to Rainbow dash to fly back to ponyville and find NurseRedheart, so she did. Whilst Rainbow dash where gone, applejack walked up to Twilight, asking her if she knew what this was, Im not sure replied Twilight, but it seems that it needs help, so we better get Nurse Redheart down here fast. Apple jack walked towards the big thing that had crashed, she didn't remember seeing anything like it, it looked like a big metal ship of somekind. Applejack tried knocking at it, it sure was metal, but how could something so big just appear here? did it fly? apple jack kept saying to her self that that thing couldn't fly, no way no how. Rainbow dash came back with Nurse redheart, she was shocked, she had never seen anything like it before, she didn't even know how to see if everything was alright with it, she asked Twilight if she knew what it was, but she didn't Twilight tried using her magic to lift up the creature, it seemed to work, We should get it back to ponyville so they began walking When they came to ponyville they laid the creature on some hay, when suddenly! (keep it going)
  7. Rainbow dash was talking to Fluttershy as she heard a big noise from the Everfree forrest, she told Fluttershy if she wanted to join her to investigate, but Fluttershy responded with a little voice "But um..that can be dangerous...you go, i will tell the others about it", Rainbow dash saw that Fluttershy was afraid, so she didn't push it, "See you around" Rainbow dash said, then taking off into the Everfree forrest. Rainbow dash was flying over the forrest looking for the something that had made that big noise, she spotted some smoke coming from over a hill, she was eager to see what it was. When Rainbow dash finally made it over the hill she saw that it was a giant thing that had crashed into the ground, it wasn't like something she had seen before, and it definitely didn't belong here in the Everfree forrest, she hurried back to ponyville. When she arrived the told Fluttershy, and the other ponies about what she had seen, they didn't belive her at first, but then Fluttershy said that she also had heard it, so Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Spike, Apple jack and Pinkie pie went on their way to the crash. When they reached the hill they saw something they had never seen before, something was standing there, right infront of them... (Keep it going from here)