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  1. There was actually once a server up by MLP forums, but it was canceled later. What has caused the decision of reopening one?
  2. First segment: Of course. You need to be real skilled if you want to play without a sentry backing you up at mopping up scouts. Heavy without a dispenser is an annoyance, too! That's pretty much what I said: doable, but difficult. Overdose is fine really because that one is mostly a straight upgrade for the times you would bring the syringe gun up - Running away! As for the healing beam of choice, I find that the kritzkrieg is the most prefered one for me and many others because of a practically free +25% charge rate (worth $300) point along with kritz. If you're someone with the common sense to be careful to dodge those giant glowing rockets coming at your face, invulnerability isn't as neccesary. Not to mention; the medic's new shield means that a skilled team might not even need to buy any resistances. As for demoknights: They don't make up for what a stickyman would do. Like being one of the few classes that can drop ubermedics, not pop'em.
  3. Denied, because I have won Mannhattan without a medic AND Rottenburg without an engineer. Essential classes, but if good enough players, can be done without. Not saying you should aim to play MvM without them, but it can be done. Also, regarding that "Sydney Sleeper" is bad in MvM is also just not true. Jarate is often on a cooldown and while it can be upgraded to recharge faster, the sydney sleeper is the #1 item choice if you want constant jarate on a giant. Of course it's not too necessary given that you have a scout in your team who will also mark him for death. Also, the blutsauger is arguably the worst medic weapon to use in MvM. You're going to be healing your teammates, you rarely have a good opportunity to use the only ranged offensive weapon that medic carries. And blutsauger comes with -2 health regenerated per second, so that's making you regen slower for not using it. Half-Zatoichi doesn't mean you must go full 100% demoknight. While the stats still apply; the 1-hit does it apply on the robots. Having played a lot of Degroot keep, I find it useful when you want a funny, challenging way to kill the samurai demomen. For the record, the last time I played Mannhattan we won with our engineer using the gunslinger. As for Ali Baba's Wee Booties/Bootlegger, that's not a terrible choice. If a Demoman isn't planning on using his grenade launcher and is going 100% stickybomb launcher, might as well give him +25 hp in which it allows a greater overheal, no? Regarding your comments on the non-gunslinger engineer, I for one hope for your own sake you don't purchase the mini-sentry upgrade. It's a waste of 500 credits for a gun that contributes too little to be worth your investment. You rather buy full on crit resistance with those 500. Two-Way teleport is situational. I never find a good opportunity(aka, don't ever see the need to get it).
  4. While I enjoy 2fort for the silly shenanigans and simplicity it carries, there's no denying the fact that most of the 2fort games look very similar. While not neccesarily bad, it does doom it for being pretty..bland. It's a place you can say "Oh, 2fort. That place."
  5. Took me a while to figure out you were my old friend "Allah Gold", spoonie. So you've become an admin? Spiffy. I have to say I used to follow this thread a bunch when I felt more participating in what was being discussed, but the more I look, the more it's the same thing. Oh well, might change. Y'never know! Most of my days in TF2 is either me just playing bunch of MvM or watching over a trade server I'm an admin for. (I make my job of course more fun than what it might suggest, lol.)
  6. By the looks of it, I haven't missed anything! How are you all fine gentlemen playin' hat fortress?
  7. Been some time I logged on here. Boo!

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  8. What is this new login thingie? o.O

  9. I feel like I otta stick around this forum more. Should eye, or should eye not?

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  11. Oh god I lol'd. A getaway that results in dying another second. So I'd like to ask y'all a question: What is your opinion on the newest update that gave us 'Romevision'? For those of you that do not know yet: The latest patch, gave ponies who preordered Total War: ROME II the last of the preorder items: The Genuine Hardy Laurel. If you read closely, it says that it equips "Romevision in Mann vs. Machine mode". What this means is exactly what you'll expect it: The robots are now all roman, and it is a roman robotic invasion! Here's a few more screenshots I took! Scouts with their new stylish yellow plating cheetah armor! The blue tank is replaced with a roman building, and the tank has been modified too! Sentry busters look all woody! And lastly my personal favorite: The medics riding chariots!
  12. It is good day to be TF2 man!

  13. ~Artorias_BeauDozer~ is my sugarcube. <3

  14. Backstabbing a heavy is pretty satisfying indeed! For me it's not the weapon, it's the fact that if a spy is discovered by a heavy, he gets SHRED to pieces. But at the same time, poor heavy is all like "That didn't tickle D:"