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  1. Hi! Attention mostly to Greeks! Im new to this forum so i would really like to meet some new bronies! The thing is that im right now in Greece (on vacation). If anyone is near to Kassandria than pls reply and i will thel the details and if everything is working fine than maybe we can make a quick meeting! Thanks! Electrohoof
  2. Right now in Greece. Just chillin

  3. Well the biggest laugh was when i saw that epic pinkiepie moment And saddest moment was... when fluttershy made pinkie burst in to tears
  4. That feeling that your described... that feeling is the reason why i watch MLP. A very few things can give me this feeling and thats why this show is a precious gem for me. It keeps my mood better overall because im highly capable for depression. Its really a good thing and it has a lot to teach about our friends,family and life. Theres high morals in it and that is a great thing also. So basically what you described as the "d'awwww" moment is the spirit of the show that hold you and fill your hearth with happines and laughter. (I know i know it was a bit "ULTRA GAAAY") I think this aspect of the show is so powerfull that it is capable of changing personalities and beliefs of some people. With this we could build a happier and more tolerant world
  5. Oh im never been a big forumer so sorry for the duplicating thing. Next time i will check it and ofcourse thanks for the answers.
  6. I really dont know... I just got in to the show( just finished season 2). I also just joined to this community in hopes of making new brony friends. Anyway: Do yout think that there will be a MLP movie?
  7. Pinkipie ofcourse! Shes so funny and energetic like no one else! If i would feel sad she would allways cheer me up and that is a really cool thing! Im shcoked that people placed her so low... :S
  8. I really like pinkiepie. I think shes just one of the greatest characters in the series. The smile song can allways knock me out of my depression I dont know guys what you think about it. I only dilslike Celestia... shes like the biggest troll in the series.
  9. Definitely smile, smile, smile! Is there someone who thinks the same? I mean its a really well done song, and overall i just loooove pinkiepie!
  10. Luna all the way I really like her design its really cool. I hope we will know more about her in the upcoming episodes. But Cadence is also nice
  11. Were there any episodes where raibowdash had a conflict with rarity? Anyways, I really like the ones with pinkypie.
  12. I think its like absolute monarchy. But Celestia has great powers so shes an überpony wich makes her the leader. Just like Coffeesaxophone wrote it.
  13. Well the show made me very tolerant. I allways disliked things like this. Im really lucky that i made up my mind and started to watch this show. But if you are intrested in my story you can find it in the welcoming plaza. The show more like helped me not changed me. Yes i mentioned one thing but in overall i hope i will become a happier and better person.
  14. This is very nice. I would love to meet some people who enjoy this show because right now i dont have anyone who likes and knows the show IRL. And if anyone would discover my secret it would be a disasster...