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  1. Busy as a Bee :/

    1. QuirkyUsername


      You definitely seem it haha hope it clears up soon for you.

  2. "Stop the bats" Catchy :3

  3. Happy Hearth's Warming Eve everypony ^^

  4. Welcome Welcome! You will make so many friends. Have Fun and pony up /)
  5. Virulence

    New Pony!

    Welcome to the forums fellow Rarity lover! Anyway, you will make tons of friends all over. -Your Rarity friend, Virulence
  6. Definitely Invader Zim. That show caused nightmares...
  7. Well I hope to get a kindle fire, but not really hoping. I hope 2014 brings me happiness...
  8. If your bored, do something you like to do. But I know what you mean. Lately I've been drawing, so that repeals boredom for me.
  9. Yeah I see this frequently. I used to be like that, but now it's a must check thing for me.
  10. "Let the storm rage on"

  11. Goodnight to ye all:3

  12. Well... what to do now?

  13. I would have to say Sharknado. That was just.. Why is that a movie? It was so stupid and just... A waste of money to make.
  14. Virulence

    General Media Which comedians do you like?

    Jim Gaffigan is my all time favorite comedian. He is so funny, and I can relate to all of his jokes. (This one made me laugh for almost 30 minutes.)
  15. Oh yes I remember this show. I was such a tomboy as a child. Great show for kids.
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