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  1. Time to try and get out of the cave, but obstacles await. Enjoy!
  2. Cave exploring continues as I find more materials while avoiding lava and other possible dangers. I finally completed one of the challenges laid out at me. 100 iron ingots. Exploration continues and I make a surprising discovery.
  3. The puzzles get harder and solutions more complex as I continue trying to get out. Enjoy!
  4. Tests continue and my brain is getting worked up overtime. Enjoy!
  5. So I accidentally came across this game and having played Portal and Portal 2 I decided to try this game. Let the craziness begin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWEKr-zQYNc Time to start doing science... while seeing just what has happened. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boh6-RZrxYo
  6. It's back to the cave for me to search for more materials. What will I find? Also, time to continue the challenge and expand my house a bit and then some more.
  7. Time to gather resources and explore more of the cave. What will I find there? Find out in this video. Enjoy!
  8. Thank you. --- Challenge #4: "Build a 5x5 64 block high tower and fill the inside with water." Also sorry about the episode been a bit long. I forgot to check the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHBiXRWbjHY
  9. In this episode I'm trying to explore the nearby area while collecting materials. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLS3RVJCOWo
  10. Challenge #3: "The challenge is to build a 5x5 tower behind your home. At least 64 blocks high." – SCPFanboy Challenge #4: "So here's my newest challenge. Search for and mine 100 pieces of iron." – SCPFanboy Challenge #5: "Other challenge I had in mind is for you to locate a jungle and collect seven pieces of jungle wood as well as at least 15 cocoa beans." – SCPFanboy With three new challenges at hand, it is time to start exploring... or at least try to. I hope you'll enjoy the video and keep those challenges coming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc23dfzTN9s
  11. “My newest challenge for you is to build a farm house. Where your actual home will be. Once you've built your house, begin establishing a ranch. For sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens. You'll want to build separate pens.” - SCPFanboy Well after some off screen action I return with another challenge. Only this time there's an extra challenge in the mix. Namely surviving. Enjoy the video and keep those suggestions coming. Ep. 5: Challenge #2 with enemies everywhere
  12. And so I finish my drawing. Quite a big project for me. Part 2 (finished) Also the finished picture in full flesh:
  13. On this darkest night, strange things are happening that not even animals are seeing. On this darkest night... the dead are rising, the underworld invades. On this darkest night, do you dare to trick and treat? A picture that was sketched last year, but I never got around to finish it because I wasn't sure about this. This drawing was sketched by both me and my mom. My mom made the tree, the lighthouse, the bats and made the moon bigger than it originally was. I did the rest, including drawing the entire picture with the computer. I made the video run at 4x speed. I hope you enjoy the video! Part 1
  14. And so I play Minecraft again. While on Twitter, I got a suggestion from one of my friends that I should do challenges in Minecraft. Challenges that others suggest. CHALLENGE: "My first challenge for you. Before building a house, build a shelter out of any hill that you see fit. If there's no hills around, dig a shelter in the ground." - Silver Bullet So if you have a challenge in mind, please leave a comment and I will think about doing it While this challenge was simple, I enjoyed doing it. I hope you enjoy the video. Ep. 4: Challenged
  15. Well here's another MSX game for you to enjoy. This time you will see just how bad is my math when stressed against time and one unpredictable enemy. Enjoy!