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  1. Hey guys, uh... To be honest I have completely forgotten about creating this thread and only came back when I saw a notification pop up in my email (even though I've moved on from the fandom I still visit this forum to talk to old friends on occasion). I'm kind of surprised that this thread continues to get posts in here, but just know that the OP isn't representative of how I am now. I've managed to find ways to overcome said vices and hurtful "coping mechanisms" in the span of 6 odd years. For everyone visiting this thread, put the knife down and talk to someone. I'm serious. One of the bigg
  2. Commander Bubbles

    General Media Ex-brony

    Assuming what Evil Rarity said. Ex-brony too, got sick to death of some of the people in the fandom. Woulda just ignored them if the show didn't jump the shark. But I digress. Instead I can be found in the Pokemon community. The anime is kinda eh though.
  3. I actually have a mild form of Asperger's syndrome. Of course, being me, I put the "ass" in Aspergers.
  4. All COD games including and past Modern Warfare 2. Especially "cohd bloppz too"
  5. Hahahaha I was hoping this was gonna be the video that the OP posted. Either way they're both right, honestly.
  6. I absolutely despise the new format. Logano (as much as I hate to admit it) and Harvick are honestly the only championship worthy drivers. Hamlin had only one win and Newman had none. Keselowski also had a great season, and as much as I hate him, getting knocked out was a kick in the teeth for him. Then there's Dale Jr, who also had a great season, but due to a few bad races he was knocked out despite being better than most of the guys that advanced. In other words, this knockout format is NOT how you determine a racing championship. This fake World Cup garbage has no place in motorsports. I r
  7. Here's my honest opinion of religion, coming from an agonstic. It doesn't matter if you believe in Christianity, Islam, Satanism, Atheism, or Buddhism, your belief is your belief. Sure you can talk about it, but putting others down just for what they believe in makes you an even bigger schmuck than the person you're mocking. Believe in what you want, that is fine. But if you try to tell others that you are right and they are wrong, that is crossing the line. That goes both for religious people, and for the anti-religious. Rubbing atheism or anti-theism into one's face is equally as bad as rubb
  8. I race it (or at least will be racing it) in the future I got a ride all set up for next year. Watch IndyCar. Brian France is almost as stupid as Sir Bernard Ecclestone, and unless you want politically determined race results, I strongly recommend watching IndyCar instead. Think Formula 1 without Bernie's Bullshit. I still enjoy NASCAR, but significantly less due to the whole knockout crap.
  9. Did anyone else not like how Five Nights at Freddy's relied too much on jumpscares instead of actual horror?

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    2. Enemy Stand

      Enemy Stand

      Ah, Night Trap. I knew there was something similar but I couldn't remember what it was. Guess I'm kinda late to the party now...

    3. kanashimi purinsesu

      kanashimi purinsesu

      Oh i didn't know you could customize them o.0 that's awesome! Makes it a bit more personal but having your friends die sounds tramatic even if it were just a game

    4. NeedsMoreGoth


      I like Five Nights at Freddy's. I don't actually consider FNAF to be a horror as much as survival. The only horror aspect was the jumpscare but it only happens when you die and the main objective is to survive. It's more about the unease and desire to not get jumpscared. BTW 6th night was damn hard. >.<

  10. Daddy, would you like some sausage?

  11. 2020: World is shit 2030: World is shit 2040: World is shit 2050: World is shit 2060: World is shit 2070: World is shit 2080: Aliens invade and kill all humans 2081: World is suddenly less shit
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