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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Hi there, and happy birthday! :) Hope you have a good time~ ^.^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2014/10/16/744269/large.png

    1. akita-ken


      thank you, that is a lovely picture

  5. hello =)=)=)=) happy birthday =)=)=)

  6. Wee?

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    2. thegoodhen


      Aw. We did Java too. I know it though, because I know C#. So I ACED IT, WHOOHOO! I have also improved my video making skillz. Pls check:

    3. thegoodhen
    4. thegoodhen


      Also, sry you are doin' borin stuff.

  7. Hey there, how are you doin'? :3

  8. I HAVE BEEN DEBUGGIN THIS THINGY FOR LIKE 3 HOURS! Only to find out the LCD won't work because my Awsum prototyping board © has a LCD turn-off jumper. .-.

  9. But... BE HERE BE HERE!

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    2. thegoodhen


      Heyee! What are you up to? :3 I fixed my clocky-thingy and it is super blinky and stuff! And I am now designing an arbitrary waveform generator. I am also working on a walking quadrupedal robot thingy. :3

    3. akita-ken


      haha, i've more or less shelved everything electronic that i used to do.. right now i'm preparing for finals, and then afterwards is summer break :3

    4. thegoodhen


      Me too... Finals... I am having like final finals... :3 5 test from German, English, IT, Math and Czech... Oh my. Well... Yea. Hope it goes well for you! I will upload a vid of my clock in a few days.

  10. So... I am bitbanging those shiftregs at some 16 mhz while doing pwm on 36 rgb channels while using no input voltage filtering whatsoever and it doesn't even flicker, dude.

  11. Hello, do you know Ajax, Yii und PHP Framework? :3 If so, I have a job for you :3

    1. akita-ken


      I'm afraid I know nothing about Yii D:

    2. thegoodhen


      Never mind :3 One guy that I worked for (and who is a really good employer) is looking for EXACTLY YOU! YAY! :3 Should I pm you his skype? :3

    3. akita-ken


      Hmm, my school term is starting again really soon, I don't know if I'll have time...

  12. Welcome back to life :P

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    2. akita-ken


      Thank! :3


      Well, what course are *you* studying? xD

    3. хорошо́


      I don't quite have a main field of study yet. For the time being, I'm just taking care of a few general requirements and looking for something that I can sink my teeth into. For now, I'm taking courses in psychology, government, writing, and history. Someday I'll have a cutie mark though, and know what I want to do ;). Hopefully soon.

    4. akita-ken


      I hope so too! =)

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