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  1. PrincessLuna

    Gaming Any Pokémon fans?

    5 years ago? Damn it doesn't feel like that long at all!
  2. PrincessLuna

    Don't go to bed V2 (warning: blood!)

    Lol, best reactions I've had from this picture
  3. PrincessLuna

    Roleplaying Section?

    Well we can't have multiple people roleplaying the same person, and either way this is a small forum.
  4. PrincessLuna

    Roleplaying Section?

    I'd say that whoever gets the name of the pony first gets to RP them unless said otherwise, for example I'm Luna and shall RP Luna and no one else, if someone else was to join as 'Luna' they would not be able to RP as Luna however, if I was to say that I no longer wanted to RP Luna and step down, someone could take my place, the fact that you can change your display name easily on this website makes it so much easier as well! Although their is also the option of OC character to roleplay
  5. PrincessLuna

    Video Discord Disco

    That's awesome! Diz Cord is awesome! *Holds up cable*
  6. PrincessLuna

    Gaming Any Pokémon fans?

    Aren't we on Gen 6? Well either way, Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Gen
  7. PrincessLuna

    Gaming Any Pokémon fans?

    I think the gens are getting worse, the latest one was just... terrible... I don't think I like a single pokemon out of that... I must admit though, Gen 5 was great
  8. PrincessLuna

    Gaming Any Pokémon fans?

    All these new pokemon... I prefer just to stick to generation 1 to be completely honest, I still have Pokemon Red, best game :3 I really want Kazio Blue on an emulator though, the elite four all have level 100s and the final battle has a level 100 Mew and Mewtwo
  9. PrincessLuna

    Hey Everypony, I'm Shwabadi.

    Hey Shwa! I had no idea you were 16, holy s**t...
  10. PrincessLuna

    Don't go to bed V2 (warning: blood!)

    Sorry, I just thought this section needed more threads :3 Uhh... yeah...
  11. PrincessLuna

    BonBon's here

    Oh I see, pleased to meet you too!
  12. PrincessLuna

    S02:E04 - Luna Eclipsed

    I'm not sure if that picture was true or not, but I can't judge...The colours were slightly different, lines were sharper and her eyes were weird
  13. PrincessLuna

    Favorite MLP Shipping and Why?

    Derpy x Luna *cough* *cough* *cough* What?
  14. PrincessLuna

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    8/10 You be trolling! :3
  15. PrincessLuna

    Hello, I am Derpy :3