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  1. Cookie Feather

    Re-designing Honey Puff

    Oh my god~! It's so amazing and perfect, oh my god. ; - ; *super-big huggles omg super big huggle power huggle huggles* xD So sweet, thank you. ; u ;
  2. Cookie Feather

    What do you think of haters

    I feel really bad when people get hate about liking ponies, I've never interacted with a hater before so. ; 3 ; It seems scary in my point of view, brave souls. ; x ;(\
  3. Cookie Feather

    Re-designing Honey Puff

    Thank you. <3 Names aren't my best suit as well, but I'm thinking of keeping puff in the name, but I dunno what else to put in there. ; 3 ;
  4. Cookie Feather

    Re-designing Honey Puff

    Hey guys -- this isn't much of a happy post but it is an art sharing one. I'm re-designing Honey Puff and perhaps even changing her name. If you're all familiar with me leaving months and months ago, it was because of a certain someone making me afraid of ponies for the time being. Well, not afraid, more so hesitent to like them. He got me into MLP and he even helped me create my ponysona, Honey Puff. After 9 months, he broke up with me because he said that there wasn't any more excitement in the relationship, etc. It's been almost 2 years since this and I need to let go, and the last step is to...rid of Honey Puff or just...make her mine instead of his memory living through her. I do hope that you guys won't look or treat me differently because of this decision, but I will be the same puff you know. I'm just letting go of my sad memories that are within Honey Puff. If you don't understand what I mean, I don't expect you too. This is just something to make me feel comfortable about liking ponies again. I like them now but I lately felt guilty about doing without further stalling, here is Honey Puff re-designed. I'm still re-adjusting from this relationship and because of my relationship, I had to push away my friends because he told me that I only needed him and it was basically a mentally abusive relationship hard to recover from. I formed a horrible habit of becoming dependant and I don't like it, and I don't like the fact that I almost lost an amazing community due to this. Just so you know, I love you, I love all of you, and I hope that you haven't forgotten about me because I most likely haven't forgotten about you. Thank you. <3
  5. Cookie Feather

    what do your parents think of mlp

    My Mom fully supports my obsession with technicolored ponies. = w = Whenever I browse thinkgeek, she's all like, "Hey! Get some of those blind boxed ponies!" I love my mom. (And I think it's just because I'm a girl but what-evers. > w <)
  6. Cookie Feather

    Why be so offended by the word "pegasister"?

    In my opinion, Pegasister sounds cuter~ it has a nice ring to it as well. We are family, I got all my pegasisters with me. n w n So no complaining on my end.
  7. Cookie Feather

    Movies/TV Gravity Falls

    Favorite character: Mabel. Favorite episode: Boss Mabel Why?: I really liked the 80's tone of the episode -- Mabel looked adorable with shoulder pads~ Oh wait...about the entire show? I love it because the show has the same type of humor that I hold.
  8. The 80's and 90's music are my favorite out of all of them! You're totally not alone~ I love the 80's culture more than anything. n w n Ugly sweaters and big hair, oh my gosh!
  9. Cookie Feather

    Uh oh! New Pony OC's by Honey Puff!

    I made them in Paint-tool Sai, I've made a tutorial on how to make them that's located in my blogs somewhere. Thank you so much! 8D
  10. Cookie Feather

    Uh oh! New Pony OC's by Honey Puff!

    Thanks for all the kind feedback guys, it really makes me happy that you all enjoy my OC's. cx I surely missed you all~! And hopefully I stay here. xD
  11. Cookie Feather

    Uh oh! New Pony OC's by Honey Puff!

    Thank you~ and Angelbutt is my deviantart name, silly, I know. xD Maybe I can start it up again, maybeee...if I get lots of interest.
  12. Cookie Feather

    Uh oh! New Pony OC's by Honey Puff!

    It's been such a while, oh my gosh! And I've got some new OC's to show ya'll. 8D First one is-- Radical Comet! She is an 80's-themed pony. She's green and has a different angled horn because I was trying to capture an alien-different look. With the sweater -- come on, who doesn't love them ugly things~ Next one is -- Flower Angel! She is a pegasus pony that loves the earth and nature -- she really loves rolling around in leaves and grass! Please enjoy and great to see you all again! n w n
  13. Cookie Feather

    I cook!

    You're making me hungry~
  14. Cookie Feather

    Games to commentate on?

    lul, you still have this blog. :v
  15. Cookie Feather

    Honey Puff's Last Thread.

    I don't know where else to post this. This isn't trolling.