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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. happy birthday =)=)=)=)=)=)!

  4. @@Cosmic Star, "Oh well ummm if you want, would you want to stay here and grab some lunch or go somewhere else. Uhhh that is if you don't mind me joining you!" He said blushing a little bit in front of the pegasus. "N-not that i'm saying that it's a date it's just ummm I would like to spend more time with you!" The young colt fumbled with his words trying to make it sound casual, but clearly his intellect was failing him.
  5. Hotline Miami 2 is coming out in six days. Cannot wait to put the animal masks back on.

  6. @@Cosmic Star, "I'm actually all finished with classes, I just hope i'm not taking up your time Cosmic." He said to the mare, but didn't want to inconvenience the pegasus any further. "Well, I can leave you alone if you want." The young colt said preparing his saddlebags and getting ready to head out.
  7. @@Cosmic Star, "You know if you think about it for a moment. Because of your family and that person who talked to you. I'd say you have more than enough reason to continue your pursuit, but I cannot stop you from changing what you want to do." He told Cosmic Star telling her his opinion on the situation.
  8. @@Cosmic Star, The young colt frowned, he didn't like seeing Cosmic so down. "Well Cosmic, if you miss them so much then obviously they miss you just as much! I mean my parents do and I'm sure my brother does too. However, you're family wants what's best for you and they wouldn't want you to give up for their sake." He stated to the sad pegasus trying to convince her to keep going.
  9. @@10InTheTardis, How bout a talk show sort of theme? Where your OC interviews members of the forums and what got them so interested in joining, which topics do they like participating in, etc.
  10. Indeed and LoCrois feels awful about not posting either she doesn't want any of you guys getting the wrong idea. She's absolutely sorry about the inconvenience and hopes to have these issues rectified and post asap.
  11. This is actually a pretty good idea and I support it. What's the premise of the comic?
  12. @@Cosmic Star, @@Unicorncob, @, Okay, so I'm guessing most of you are curious what has happened to LoCrois. She hasn't disappeared, her computer got infected with a nasty piece of malware and it's been difficult for her to get on and post. She wanted me to let you all know that she wants to get back on and let you all know that everything is fine.
  13. @@Cosmic Star, "Isn't everything harder than it should be? If it were easy, everypony could do it. We all face trials, but that's when we're tested on our passion of what we love. No pony likes dealing with these things, but when you get through it, it's one of the best feelings you get." Neutron said trying to reassure the pegasus.
  14. @@Cosmic Star, "I guess you could say that. Sorry about being such a Debby Downer though. We should probably move onto something a little more positive eh? What was it that caused you to pursue Astronomy?" He asked the mare. The young colt felt a little sad when she pulled her hoof away from his and was afraid she mistook it for him trying to flirt with her.
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