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    exercising, watching MLP:FiM, video games (If I have time to play them), Hanging with friends and Working at my job which is a bit of a love/hate relationship right now. The work is satisfying but the people I work with I really dislike.

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Hey, welcome to the page. There's not much to tell. I go to school and I'm currently majoring in IT System Security Specialist. Before any of you think of it, no I don't do that awesome hacking stuff that you would see in the movies. It's vastly different and takes a longer time to do it depending on who you are attacking and what methods you are implementing.


Your probably wondering how I came to be a brony? (If not then don't bother reading) It all started I should say a year ago? I had found out about this fandom from a friend of mine who was in the furry fandom prior to becoming a brony. Anyways he always tried to convert me and spam me with pony pics. Eventually after loads of discussion I decided to just watch one episode. Now, I don't mean to make this dramatic but you have no idea how difficult it was to not watch the 2nd episode. Eventually I got over it and developed an addiction to SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) It was there that I met a guildie named, "Heisenberg". He told me he was a brony and told me to give it another shot. So, eventually when my insomnia was really bugging me I decide to watch the first season and after watching the first five episodes I was hooked and became a brony.


Anyways, that's about it really.