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  1. Okay so i am trying to build a new deck (to which the type will remain unnamed). I made a list of all the cards that I need and counted the number and it was 105. Which is okay because I usually use a bigger sized deck. I was really proud of it, and I put a lot of time into finding what cards would be really good in the deck. Then I researched the priced of each card and there were a couple that were extremely expensive but most of them were decently priced. Then I added up the total price of all the cards. $372.87. I don't know if anypony out there has ever made a more expensive deck b
  2. Crash Bandicoot obviously. I used to play all the games and I still own all the games and my old PS1. I was even thinking about starting to play them again sometime and start over on the memory card. Crash Bandicoot Warped is the best game out of the series.
  3. My favorite non-anime theme song is... That song just blew me away. I used to watch the old Knight Rider series so when I heard about this new one I couldn't resist. Then my favorite anime opening is... This is already the best anime show ever and then they had to go and give it a really cool song.
  4. This song always gets me. It's just so sad when you listen to the lyrics. They had such horrible lives and in the end nothing changed. It was all the same. I don't know it just makes me cry.
  5. Ultimatum

    Gaming Best Gamers?

    Okay so there are three different games that are the biggest games out there right now on the internet. They are Minecraft, Slender, and Happy Wheels. I want to know what gamer is you favorite for each game. Mine are Tobuscus for Minecraft, PewDiePie for Slender, and Nova for Happy Wheels. So tell me who do you like for gaming?
  6. Ultimatum

    Gaming Favorite Steam Game?

    My favorite is Fear 2. It is extremely scary and fun. I also like it because unlike most first person shooter games it actually lets you shoot the surroundings. For instance if there is a glass case with plates in it I can actually shoot the case and the plates inside if I want to and they will actually shatter when I do.
  7. I would have to chose Invader Zim. It is so amazing. The thing that makes it good is that it has action, suspense, cartoon drama, and a lot of comedy.
  8. Hi I wanted to know what vocalists everypony liked. All you gotta do is list the top 2 vocalists you know and then put the best song for each. Put the band(s) they are in after their names. Mine are listed below as an example. Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) Jack Black (Tenacious D)
  9. Mine is Counting Crows because they are amazing. When I was born a Counting Crows song was on the intercom at the hospital. They are overall really cool.
  10. Ultimatum

    Gaming Best Gaming CONSOLE

    PS3 is my favorite because it woks better and has cooler games than anything else. I also like it because it has an awesome layout and more of my friends have PSN.
  11. Final Fantasy obviously because it has a good story line. It also has amazing characters like Tidus and Cloud. It overall the best game series.
  12. Mine is Innistrad because it is dark mysterious and cool. It is also cool because it bases on vampires and other cool stuff.
  13. The only one that I have that is banned is this It's not very cool but it is a good card to have and it is banned from modern.
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