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  1. Can we not talk about what would have happened as to what had happened? No one got killed anyway (and it would partially be on the SWAT as well due to their improper performance if they did kill a person), so what's the need of a dealth penalty now?
  2. Are you batshit out of your fucking mind!? I mean, I could care less about his age! He could get a heavy sentence for all I care,like maybe life imprisonment, but... death!? Do you realize he didn't kill anyone through this process? Do you not realize the responsibility of the fuckig death penalty? God, what is wrong with you, you... Weird, irresponsible thing?
  3. You know, I supported this. This gave a modder their due for their hard work (unless it's one of those standard items), and this would encourage them to make more. My only problem? It's revenu. I understand each games have different revenues, but Skyrim is just low, but I'm assuming it's only because Valve and Bethesda was a part of this too. If it were TF2, Half Life, or something, I'm sure it's revenue would've been better. But now, it's been removed, removing an opportunity for a modder who worked hard to get even a reward for cash.
  4. You sound like only men can cheat off their wives and shit.Can ya blame the men? It one head gets turned on, the other head fucking turns off. You can't have 'em both on, cuz that oughta mess up the natural order.[/joking]
  5. But it's not MLP in general that takes up most of the brony fandom. No, it's MLP G4. G4 is what started the boom of this whole thing, for anyone could've cared any less with the others generations. I believe G4 will be nothing but a fad.
  6. I have done nothing but teleport bread for three days

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    4. The Soldier

      The Soldier

      I have done nothing but teleport bread for three days.

  7. On the topic of planes, I've gotten a little more paranoid with them. Over the recent years, it seems we have more plane crashes than the early 2000s. The Asiana flight (the one with the racist Asian names), Flight 217 (or something like that, the Malaysian flight crashed in sea), the plane crash in Taiwan, and the most recent one, the German plane crash. In my opinion, that seems too many in a 2 year range
  8. My superpower is to have every superpower in the universe , does that count? Who cares if you think it's OP? It's still awesome.
  9. Does it count of being a no-life if life has no meaning? I mean, for fucks sake, I feel some of us seem to seek the meaning of life (implying there is a meaning), when I think life has no meaning. There's no point in life. I don't believe that you were given life to spread the word of God (as some religions imply). You just simply were given life, that's all.
  10. I ain't gonna lie to ya, but I'm afraid you're right. XDAs a Sniper, sometimes it helps to try to put your crosshair on your enemy's head before you scope in. It seems easier that way for me. Also, try to either stayed lock onto the head if you're going for charged shot (duh) or plan ahead and put that laser dot ahead of the enemy's head if he's walking left or right.
  11. ...... ... ... That was before the plague hit. c: When it comes to medics and pockets, be sure to get the medic first. If the pocket is in any danger, the medic-bot will pop, making it harder to kill the pocket and making it closer to the bomb drop.#JustTF2Tips
  12. Look at you weak cheaters, asking off of one another! Back in my day, if we needed help, we'd get 'em off a book! I am so ashamed of this new generation.
  13. Hopefully, there would be another TF2 night on Friday. I wanted to join again and be a total dick by taunting after almost every kill. That was really fun to do.
  14. Does forensic analysis even apply to print? It seems too easy to even use it on print, in my opinion... Cuz if not, what you were told was true, just not the way you were expected to understand.
  15. You guys won't believe this, but there is an all diamond ring weighing 150 carat that costs THE EXACT SAME PRICE of the money given.