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  1. hey thanks everypony sorry havent been on in forever

    1. Skar


      Yep, know how ya feel. Was off for awhile too due to computer... problems (I broke it)

    2. Megustoreeze


      Welcome back then!

    3. Moonlight Magician

      Moonlight Magician

      Hello again!! You're always welcome here! :)

  2. Hey Baeburn! How is it doin' in Appleoosa?

  3. So i was curious how many of you have told your parents you are a Brony and what do they think of that? if you haven't told them do you think you will. and same question with friends and people at school. thanks! and me all my friends know and they are turning into bronies now to except for a few who refuse to watch it but oh well. and my parents just think its just a weird internet thing i dont think they realize i watch it on tv =D
  4. doesnt sound to me like he is trolling at all. sounds legit to me there will always be people who dont like the same thing as you its all opinion. you cant be like oh come on you have to like it. he finds the characters annoying so be it thats his opinion i find the characters dynamic and funny and even though they are predictable thats what i like about them, just like any action movie you pretty much know whats going to happen but its the content in the middle that propels you to continue to watch not what you think is gonna happen same with mlpfim. plus it has great voice acting great animation and its completely NOT what you would expect to see in the commonly mocked phrase "my little pony"
  5. here he is again in "The Mysterious Mare Do Well"
  6. i bet Apple bloom will be all upset and what not and embarrassed about her granny going into the class and the granny will tell some sort of "back in my day" story and everypony will love it Applebloom will earn new respect for GS etc etc
  7. two weeks ago! i have since seen every episode and record it on my tv! my friend showed it to me on facebook =p