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  1. Equestria girls is existent in our universe. the persona 3 ending. the persona 4 antagonist reveal. wind waker HD. the fact i haven't been on here in a month
  2. Spikes VA is alright, nothing amazing can't say Applejacks voice actor is the best... DAAWW Applebloom's voice actor is still as cute as ever i think Rainbow dash's VA could have been better something more like Chie from P4 perhaps? Rarity's VA is spot on perfect, fitting for best pony Fluttershy's VA is very well done as well, timid but they didn't get her squeak right which sort of took me out of it YES! Pinkie's voice actor got the balance between annoying and squeaky just right, congratumalations! Nightmare moons VA doesn't sound evil enough... could have been worked on better ---------------------------------- I can't say that i'm an expert on the Japanese language but the wording seemed somewhat dumbed down than the English version and it skipped scenes that i felt were good. overall not that bad but the English version seemed a bit better
  3. watching the dub now and i can say Twilights VA stood out as very good, though i haven't seen it all so i can't judge the rest also celestia's VA sounds like it should
  4. is that the love hotel one? i would suggest playing the rest of the game cause, well it's awesome. actually that's well i would imagine they will as there would be no point in changing it a good point, how could they do the nyx fight? although they have another few years to think of that as this is part 1 of a few
  5. in case you don't know i am a big persona fan and recently persona 3 was announced to have a movie adaptation and until recently we have known nothing but the other day they released a trailer and some other things a couple things to notice about the trailer: the title and the fact it says #1 means that there will be multiple movies (similar to LOTR) it looks freaking amazing animation wise also something to note is the protagonists name, which was previously known as Minato Arisato from the p3 manga, is now Makoto Yuki did i miss anything? did you play persona 3? do you know what persona even is? will you watch it? DISCUSS
  6. 10:xenoblade chronicles 9:super mario rpg 8:paper mario 7:final fantasy 6 6:persona 4 5:paper mario ttyd 4:ocarina of time 3:link to the past 2: persona 3 1:skyward sword
  7. sure they're fine, just look at the 3ds! terrible launch where not a lot sold but then mario came and it sold like mad! give it time
  8. um it was recordd for the seaso opener, crystal empire, and its pretty much in the last stages im sure and about that any word on progress?
  9. okamiden, the wii u gamepad would be ace for it and another persona game would be nice (i know it was confirmed but you know, persona)
  10. it went better than expected but at the same time it wasn't spectacular. the pacing was off and that really put a lot of people off it but the songs were amazing
  11. Well that begins the many month wait until the next part according to megan mc carthy's twitter
  12. i am expecting the best. i am preparing for the worst. either way, however, it has been one of the best shows i've come to witness and if the worst comes we shall have one last mighty hoorah as bronies together
  13. gonna try to get there this week, however i won't be able to attend the finale livestream unfortunately due to my local hurling team re-playing the all Ireland semi final so sorry about that.
  14. it was indeed nice to see the empire again and i knew straight away that she wasn't the pony. also Rainbow Dash's father is now canon