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  1. Champion RD92

    I need help with a computer issue

    For some reason, my computer/internet has been really slow today, and it's not normally like this. I'm not sure what to do to fix this problem or what the cause of it is. If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it, thanks.
  2. Champion RD92

    Hottest Mane Six Pony?

    All right guys, we are going to decide once and for all who the hottest mane six pony is. This is not about "cuteness" or "adorableness". This is about hotness. End of conversation. Also, this is strictly about the mane six. We don't need background ponies getting in the way. (*cough* Lyra) For me, Dash and Rarity are the two hottest, but I gotta give it to Dashie because I am most attracted to her. Let the competition...begin!
  3. Champion RD92

    Your favorite meal of the day?

    So most people have a favorite meal of the day, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. What is your favorite meal of the day? My personal favorite is breakfast. I love eggs, bacon, waffles, etc.
  4. Champion RD92

    Gaming Your top 5 Zelda games?

    What are your top 5 Zelda games? Rank them 1 through 5. Here is my rankings: 1. Ocarina of Time 2. Majora's Mask 3. Link to the Past 4. Wind Waker 5. Twilight Princess
  5. Champion RD92

    Your least favorite food ever?

    What is your least favorite food ever? Mine is probably mayonnaise. I almost vomited just from having it in my mouth, it was the most disgusting thing ever. I also hate asparagus too, it's really gross to me.
  6. Which version of Pinkie is cuter? Straight hair (I personally think she looks sooooo cute with straight hair ^.^) Poofy hair EDIT: For some reason, the poll disappeared so I'm gonna make a new one.
  7. Hey everypony, welcome to my rock music thread! You can post any kind of rock music basically. (Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, etc.) Also feel free to post metal stuff as well if you want. (Metal is technically a form of rock, isn't it?) I would really love to see this thread get more popular, so go post some awesome rock music, guys!!! I'll start by posting one of my favorite bands:
  8. Champion RD92

    Awful Admin Discord meme

    Meanie Mod Discord This meme was inspired by this post by Chaotic Discord: You guys can probably come up with a better caption than me lol
  9. Simple question: Who do you think is the most beautiful princess? I personally think they are all extremely beautiful, but I'm gonna have to go with Princess Cadence.
  10. Who do you guys think is the most attractive pony? For me, it's a tie between Spitfire, Cadance, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity. Spitfire Cadance Rarity Rainbow Dash
  11. Champion RD92

    The Spongebob Game

    Post your favorite Spongebob quote here! ( The quote can be from any Spongebob character) For example... Patrick: "Let's take Bikini Bottom and push it somewhere else!"
  12. So according to Twilight in the Winter Wrap Up episode, Ponyville was founded hundreds of years ago, which would mean Granny Smith is hundreds of years old since she was alive during Ponyville's founding? That doesn't really seem to make much sense. What does everypony think about this?
  13. Champion RD92

    Name something you like and dislike

    Name something you like and then name something you dislike. Example: Like: Pizza Dislike: Mayonnaise It doesn't have to be food, it can be anything you want.
  14. Quick! Post the most annoying thing you can think of! I'll start:
  15. Champion RD92

    Do you hate me?

    answer the question guyz.
  16. Champion RD92

    What is your username backward?

    Just post what your username backwards would be. Ex: RainbowDash92 = 29hsaDwobniaR
  17. Champion RD92

    Celestia has another sister?

    I believe I read that Cadence is Celestia's niece, so wouldn't that mean Celestia must have another sister besides Luna? Unless Cadence is Luna's daughter, which I highly doubt.
  18. Shuffle your iPod, post the first five songs, rate each song out of ten, then rate the list overall (just average the scores to get the overall score). For example: 1. Song #1 (8/10) 2. Song #2 (9/10) 3. Song #3 (9.5/10) 4. Song #4 (10/10) 5. Song #5 (8.5/10) Overall: 9/10
  19. Champion RD92

    Give a nickname to the user above you!

    I don't think this forum game has been done before, sorry if it has. Just give a nickname to the user above you, it can be cool or funny or whatever you want.
  20. Which of the mane 6 do you think has the best mane? I vote Rainbow Dash because her mane is awesome!!!
  21. Which pony do you think has the best color scheme? I personally love Luna's color scheme, she's so pretty I also like the color schemes of Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, and Trixie. Also Princess Cadence has a very beautiful color scheme.
  22. So I mentioned in a status update comment that I thought it would be funny if there was an episode where Spike got a crush on Twilight, but someone said it would be morally wrong. What do you guys think? I mean I suppose it would be weird since Twilight is almost like a mother figure to him, but Spike is just her assistant really, so I don't know. Would it be wrong for Spike to have a crush on her?
  23. I feel as if though the whole "Rarity is the element of generosity" thing was being really forced in Rarity Takes Manehattan. I mean the song was just Rarity singing about how amazingly generous she is, while being completely over-the-top generous to every single stranger she sees. I mean Rarity has been generous in the past of course, but never THAT generous. I found it hard to believe that Rarity is actually that generous to all the strangers she meets, it seemed very forced to me. Note: This is not a Rarity hate post. This is just how I felt when I watched the episode. I just think the song and the scene with her being ridiculously generous to everyone was exaggerating her generosity a bit, and it felt somewhat forced. Just my thoughts, you don't have to agree.
  24. Champion RD92

    Your ranking of best princesses?

    What is your ranking of best princesses? Here's mine: 1. Princess Cadence 2. Princess Luna 3. Princess Twilight 4. Princess Celestia I definitely don't dislike any of the princesses though
  25. Champion RD92

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    So Disturbed finally released a new song after like 5 years, it's not bad