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  1. Wii U.Going to get it. Games i heard: Zombie U Pikmin 3 NSMB U Just Dance 4 U(maybe) Other than those ones i don't know more.Must get now!
  2. Trolly saw Fire Red.She went there."Need any help?"Trolly tried make a tornado. 'Hmm...this is hard...'.Trolly made the tornado and got all the changelings.Then she got out of the tornado. The tornado went far deep into the Everfree Forest."That will keep them off a bit."
  3. Trolly moved towards the factory with little steps.She was scared. "Uhh..."She was moving towards the factory when she saw a shadow. "OH GOD!!"She fell down.Then she started to laugh.'Why should i be scared of a shadow.' Then Trolly heard some noises.She covered herself with her wings.She knew she was acting like a coward.
  4. My favorite is....all of them.Just kidding xD.But they are awesome. Okay,my favorites are Others are cool too but my favorites are these two.
  5. Trolly went to the armor shop.She got some armor then went to the medical shop. She got pills,bandages,medical kit,etc..She went to the castle.She saw Jacob was waiting there. "Are you waiting for the others?What did you get?".She could see that Jacob was bored.
  6. Trolly became concious.She remembered how she saved that pony.She knows while she was unconcious there was a lot of things happened. Trolly stood up.'I can barely stand up' Trolly coughed.She coughed blood."Wha...what happened while i was unconcious?"
  7. "Oh ship!"Trolly was staring with a shocked face. Trolly whispered back "You really have a point Jacob.".Emerald was really trapped inside a yellow aura. Moments later a pony broke the window and came into here with a storm cloud.The princess didn't notice anything. Trolly was shocked again with her mouth open. The pegasus hit princess's horn with a lightning and said something to the princess. The princess was angry.The princess sent a beam to the pony. Trolly flew infront of the pony and took the beam.Trolly fell down. "Can't stand up...".Trolly closed her eyes.She was unconcious now.
  8. Pinkie is now officially a phsyco.She will do crazy things soon,i feel it..... Anyways the drawing is good too.Its very great.(I suck at drawing.)
  9. "Emerald didn't get picked.".Trolly was sad. "So its you,me and the other members that got chosen.Are you sad that Emerald didn't get chosen?". "Forget it,we have to go to the palace/castle.".On their way Trolly saw Emerald talking to Luminous.'What are they talking about?' (OOC:School has started so i wont be here until 4:30 PM(GMT + 2:00 hours))
  10. Trolly quickly went next to the bush that Emerald was hiding in.She leaned on the bush. She saw the stallion.The stallion came to her."Did you see a unicorn that was colored dark green around here?" "Nope.".The stallion went away from the center thinking she was not there anymore. "Ok you are safe Emerald."
  11. "I'll come.".Trolly didn't want to leave his friend alone. Though she didn't ask Jacob.She coming towards Jacob.Then she tripped on rock and fell down. She stood up.She had blood on her left hoof.She cleaned it up and went to Jacob.Then shouted to Emerald."Wait there Emerald!" "You coming J?".
  12. Amnesia by the suprises in custom maps.It scares you really much.But Slender is creepier than Amnesia. I could collect 7/8.So close for that last page.And the ones who play Amnesia should know PewDiePie.
  13. When the beam hit her(in her dream)she imediatley woke up.She was sweating and had tears in her eyes. She saw Emerald and Jacob coming towards her."I signed the form then fell asleep but i had a weird nightmare." She told them the nightmare of Princess Celestia banishing her to the moon for no reason. "It was really weird."
  14. Snores....Dreams.... Trolly is still in sleep.Well in her dream: "Don't banish me to the moon Princess!I didn't do anything wrong!".On the real world there were tears in her eyes. "Princess don't do it....What did i do wrong......".The princess(in his dream)strikes Trolly with a powerful beam.It was really hurting her. The tears were increasing.
  15. "I agree with you Jacob.We wasted a lot of time in Ponyville.".Trolly was very sleepy.She started yawning. She went to the sign-ups.She completed the article and completed the sign-up.She went to Emerald."Quick sign-up.....".She was very sleepy.She went to the benches.She a little then fell asleep.