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  1. Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted anything. I was wondering if you guys would be willing to point out some areas that need editing before I post it to fimfiction.com. Much appreciated. Chapter 1 "Connor, Katy, could you come up here please?" The woman upstairs said with a calm voice and sunken eyes. The young teens below put their crumb filled plates on the worn wood table and obeyed. One was a dirty blonde male, and the other was a longer haired girl of the same size. "Yes?" the boy said. "Come in here a minute, we need to talk." their mother said in a slightly more choked up voice. The shower in the bathroom nearby had been recently used and the door was left open, letting out a hot, wet cloud of steam that filled the room. A man of the the woman's age sat at the other end of the room, working on a computer. His eyes didn't even tear away from the screen when the children entered. "Okay guys, sit down." the mother said to the two teens. Katy did as she was told, but Connor moved to the bed and took his seat more slowly. "Me, Dad, and your other parents have been talking. Connor, hon, your grades are really worrying us." Connor started scratching an invisible spot on his hand. "You also need a good support system for your Autism, and we just can't give you that here." The inside of his throat began tightening. He nodded casually, not knowing what to say; as if he could say anything. "That's why I think it would be best if you two moved to Oregon with your dad." With that, Connor's heart stopped and his pupils shrunk. There was a pause, as if he were waiting to jerk up in his bed; his gratitude for what he had renewed. "But- No, I can do better!" Connor said. "It's not you, it's here. You need more structure, more assistance." their mother wiped her eye as she spoke. There was more silence, with a little sniffling from their mother. Connor looked down at his scratched up, reddened hands and sighed. "So, we're both going?" Katy said. "Yes! Because you're both supposed to look after each other!" Katy shifted her gaze down. "Sorry. It's just-" their mother silently sobbed. "You guys..." They all pulled in for a hug as the distraught woman continued crying. ... "Is it true? I'm just staying for a year or two at most, right?" Connor said into the phone. "No honey, you're gonna stay there for the rest of high school. I'm sorry." his mother responded. He wiped his eyes and put his hand to his head. "I love you. You'll get to visit soon, okay?" his mother said "...Okay. Love you." "Love you too honey." And with that, she hung up. Connor sat on his bed for a little while before heading back to the living room. His biological father stood waiting. "Sorry Connor." The boy didn't aknowledge this and just put the phone back. He took an extra long shower that night, and came out with red eyes. ... 5...4...3...2...1 The bell finally rang, and the students couldn't get to their rides fast enough. Connor found his bus and joined his sister in the seat. "So, how'd you like your first year of high school?" he said. "Mr. Shephard's class was hard!" Katy said. "Hey, at least he gives awards. What'd you get, again?" "'Hardest worker.'" "Nice." "How does it feel to be halfway through high school?" Katy said. Connor chuckled. "Don't tell Mom, she'll have a breakdown." he said. ... Connor jumped spread eagle onto his bed and turned on his tv. He put Airplane! into the DVD player and pressed play. "Captain, how soon can you land this plane? I can't say. You can tell me, I'm a doctor. No I mean I don't know. Can't you take a guess? Well, not for another two hours. ...You can't take a guess for another two hours?" Connor said to himself while manuevering the menu. "Connor, are you talking to yourself again?" his adopted brother said in exasperation. "Nope." Connor took out his phone and dialed his favorite contact. "Hello?" "Hello!" he said "Hi boo! How are you?" "Pretty good. Just wanted to say hi since the school year's over." "Aw thanks honey. So, how's life over there? They ruling with an iron fist?" his mother said. "Ha, no. I still miss being there, though." "I know, hon. Well just hang in there, okay? You'll be here in a couple weeks. And for a whole month, too! That's gonna be fun." "Yep. Well, I'll see you then. Love you." "Love you more." Connor smiled as he hung up. She always said that, and if Connor tried saying he loved her more, she would never stop. So he learned to let her say it without argument. As the previews continued, Connor looked out at the clouds and thought of what they looked like. One reminded him of a plane, and another looked like someone's profile. Then he saw one that looked like a wispy ring. "That's weird, how is that even possible?" ... The tree gave a shake as its fruits fell perfectly into the baskets below. Applejack the earth pony then harnessed two of them to her sides, and held one in her mouth. She started walking through a colossal maze of apple trees to get back to the farm. She would do this all year besides winter, and it never got old. Luckily, she still had plenty of free time to hang out with friends. She brought the baskets into the barn, and came out with a contented sigh. The only light now was the stark contrast of the moon against the dark blue sky. Her home was nearby, which probably already held her three family members in their beds. This was the cycle, and AJ was quite happy with it. Buck apples, sell them, hang out with a couple of friends and repeat. Of course, she was also fairly adaptable to changes. AN: Alright, what'd ya think? Anything need to go? Something need to be added in?
  2. Switchblade Kiss Comes Close from Wet. I can't stop listening to it. Why can't I find it on iTunes? I bought something with the same name and, well, it was pretty different.
  3. This observation is dead on to me. If I had to pick three of the Mane Six I'm most like, it'd be Twilight, Flutters, and as the song goes, I'm kind of a Rarity. This is relative because I'm an Aspie as well.
  4. xremeidiot

    Break Report

    While it was full of fun, it was also full of bummers. My brother's girlfiend has dumped him, my best friend is gonna be gone by summer, and my grandmother is no longer with us. Oh well, it's not like I"ll let all that get to me. It is pretty depressing though.
  5. Black Betty She's lost control Inside out 20 percent cooler Live and learn Ain't no rest for the wicked ...To be loved Fly One week Iris There's no way I can say which one I listen to the most.
  6. xremeidiot

    Spring Break

    It's here! Spring break is here! And that means I head to good ol' Cali-forn-I-A today! That is, after my dentist appointment. But whatever. Anyway, hope you guys all have as awesome a spring break as I plan to.
  7. Going to a job fair today! Is there a "slow down" button on this life thing?

  8. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here's what's going on with me. I'm making a new fanfiction, much better than my other two. If someone would like to help with it, and didn't care about spoilers, that'd be great. Please please please!
  9. xremeidiot


    I just started watching gameplay for Wet. Wow. EVERYTHING about that game is so badass! You should check it out if you haven't already.
  10. xremeidiot

    Such a Nice Day

    I don't know why, but I'm just feeling chipper this afternoon. Maybe it has to do with the Aspergers Game Night I'm going to tonight, maybe it's because I have 26 brohoofs, maybe it's because my warning points have been forgiven, or maybe it's because of the amount of posts I have.
  11. I just can't seem to think of anything to contribute. Maybe you guys could suggest another character for me to make in Spore?

  12. Okay here he is. Sorry it's a link, but it's the best I can do right now. http://www.spore.com/view/postcard/500898147116 Please let me know what you think, as that would be much appreciated. Sorry again for making you do more work.
  13. http://www.spore.com/view/postcard/500897389073
  14. So far Spike hasn't gotten good reviews. Is it really that bad? I mean it's not like I was using an actual graphic design tool. I was kinda limited... Whoops! I misunderstood COMPLETELY. God, I feel like a jerk. I'm going to get a picture posted of him as soon as I can. THAT was the problem
  15. xremeidiot

    Sporified Spike

    Wait, wait, OH you wanted a pic of the creature! Ok, um, I'll see if I can.