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  1. If you don't care why'd you even click on the thread lel. Cool kid for sure. ( ?° ?? ?°) I'd say in my old days (Late 2012 - mid 2013) I was an 8 out of 10. Lotsa new people so they don't know me, brings me down to about a 2.
  2. Super impatient. Watch something else, or go do something. (Hobbies) If they did either the episodes would be shit and rushed because of the fandom pressuring. Or they would have to split the episode time in half. 11 mins for both episodes. I suggest you just wait and do something else in the meantime. So to answer your question, no. They have to do a lot of shit for that. The episodes are produced a year before they come out. I think you should learn how it all works before you question it. Also MLP isn't the only show on the Hub. Other shows need time to shine as well.
  3. He probably thinks you have something better to do than to read it. Probably keeping it for little girls. Edit: And btw it's probably his store, bitching about it to him won't do anything. Not that hard to get a little girl to read a book about colorful ponies.
  4. Wubsie

    Gaming Favorite Pokemon cry

    Lugia. Just listen to it. You feel like God when you listen to it.
  5. It's best if you don't bitch about it, because pretty much everyone did, and I don't think anyone who works on the show will change their minds. Besides that was supposed to be a type of monster. I don't see you complaining about the tons of villains that are deformed/have mental problems. From Spiderman, Superman, etc. It's not like they went to the store and saw little Jimmy with a dent in his head and said "Ew wtf is that.". Besides MLP and TMNT are two different shows. MLP is for little girls, which is why everyone reacted so hard. Also there have been characters from shows that are j
  6. Those broken pics look swell.
  7. I haven't watched any of s4 but I believe she's not at that point yet. Alicorn is almighty status, Godlike. I feel like it was too early to give her that gargantuan ass title. That's just my opinion.
  8. Watching technicolor ponies talk about the power of friendship won't increase your IQ.
  9. It's obvious most people are talking about the porn, but I do get where you're coming from maboi. And we're not talking about personalities here, it's the fact they actually, do...that.
  10. You don't beat it to the show, that's the difference. I'm out, it's obvious you're probably trolling. Seriously nobody can be this wrong.
  11. Who the hell is saying "Stop"? I read the thread and nobody said that. And they might not be thinking about real horses, or kids, but the cartoon made FOR KIDS.
  12. And that's his opinion. He never said for anyone to stop, he said it's disgusting. And lets be honest it is, think about it. A guy just going at it to r34 of a kids show. Just think about that.
  13. Because those bronies get bullied and need someone to take it out on.
  14. Because I can care. It's depressing to watch grown men waste all of their hard earned money on a plushie or a toy. Your comment is possible one of the most generic comments I've ever heard. With a simple answer too. And people can say the same to you. Why the hell do you care what people have to say? Why are you getting so pissy because not everyone is being positive in the thread?
  15. Some people don't like to see men wasting their money in a Wal-Mart on a Rainbow Dash plush. Highly Cringe-Worthy in my opinion. And besides it's best if nobody does that. Anyway we all know this show was for girls to go out and buy the toys. It's Hasbro, way too obvious, don't try to make yourself feel better by saying it's not. Because everyone knows most people that try to argue about it don't want to accept the fact they watch a show for kids. Let's be honest here. also to why they take it to the extreme? Probably have nothing else better to do really.
  16. shit who the fuck turned off my status

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      man idc they need to hop off my d--k

    3. Wubsie


      all these bronies to scared to see words


    4. Chevette


      If the word "pussy" is implied, why censor it? No need to use a SENTENCE ENHANCER unless it's used to the full extent and spelled out properly.

  17. You never know. Could be possible.
  18. Could be mods for it if the game goes anywhere.
  19. Models, and huge stuff that scream "PONIES". Idk why but i don't like seeing ponies and extra items in games, bugs me for some reason.
  20. Light Blue / Teal. Used to be green, but those colors are really pretty and cool to me.
  21. I swear to god if I see anything pony related in that game I'll quit.
  22. Wubsie

    Cwoot Membwor Nwames Dway :3

    My name is already cute. Check
  23. I hate tornado sirens, because then I know one of my biggest fears will arrive.

  24. Wubsie

    Meet the Heavy

    So you get offended because I thought you were a guy? Sorry I didn't really feel like checking out your profile just to make a comment.
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