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  1. Hypestar here, So we all know Omnipony im guessing? Right? Or even Omnivore as some people call him (its his real artist name), well me and a goup of admins are currently talking to him about making a Like page on Facebook, and then later a website, featuring Music that isnt particularly up where it should be, and we want to showcase your music. So my question. What should the group be called? We got some ideas but what do you guys think?
  2. For all we know there could be infinite elements, maybe each pony holds their own element such as a cutie mark for them to discover! Its all very interesting, maybe the six elements are the most important an crucial, hense having the elements actually made into a physical stone/jewel. To make sure ponies never forget! Or maybe only princesses have them! Its all very cool to think about... Who knows, maybe we will see more elements in this upcoming season! Maybe the villian even has his own element! So many maybies.... -Noah
  3. Yeah it seems for me that Bronystep, well the good splinter I shoul say, has often acte as like a gateway to all the other great artists out there, it suprises me how much talent that is in this fandom!! Besides, if you ever want some other songs that sound like them, some I even think you might like, dont hesitate to hit me up! *hint hint* Balloon Party *hint hint*
  4. Suprisingly, Ive seen so much pony memrobellia at my school, so many shirts, lanyards, even some trading cards i think! I like how popular its getting personally, and I love reminsing old episodes with new bronys Ive had many moments where one of my old friends walks up to me and is all of sudden like "Brohoof." We brohoofed, and he walked away. Shy bronys are shy. Haha anywho, random ecounters in the wild hoooooooooooooooo! (Sir hammerlock) - Noah
  5. Hey there everypony! Noah here, back from a long vacation from the forums, and I thought its time to see all my ponies down in the Forums before Season three starts! /) So I have a question, not suprising considering me, but hey, why not!! To me, it sounds like dubstep, or even electronic music in general, is hitting an all time high, and many brony artists are hopping on the wagon. Even more so, ive seen some great music coming from brony artists that isnt electronic at all, very good, pop, rock, and even country! So what is your thought on that fab going around, bronystep, or eve
  6. Well?? Everypony?? Are you Mothhumpin' ready for the crumpocalypse?? You ready to joy puke your face off?? Its almost here kiddies!! Just a couple more days, and all havoc will be torn across Pandora... by us. I cant wait, And I thought id link the trailer for anyone that dosnt know the ore casmic power of Boderlands, and here is the song ill be destroying shiz nit to!! `Till next time every pony ~Icewing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW7qO_wpfvk an then the music
  7. Yeah I guess I'm not making one, I can not skyript or use any form of code and paying for someone to host even a semi ded server is out of questions. Thanks for your help though.
  8. Um what the hell you guys? I meant how would I code or find a website hosting company that could make a website similar to theirs, you know, anomous image hosting, because I'd like to host a website that can do such for me an my friends. Please don't being your biased crap in here.
  9. So recently I have seen these image boards where anyone can upload a video then it can be viewed and shared, even thumbs up by the community, and don't forget the comments! My main question is how would I go about making one? Wether it be some easy scripting or a specific free website hoster, please link any and all resources you think would be useful on my quest please!! Thanks everypony!! Bump? Really need this information, it'll benifit everyone I have really big plans for it, but no ones seems to even know how /: sigh
  10. Noah

    Game some of my non pony art

    I believe DJ Pink was giving more advice and constructive criticism than putting you down, it may be harsh but it is the truth Good start though, very talented, surly more than me from why I can tell, keep it up, would love to see your progress
  11. You know it never hurts to add some smileys and personality to your posts everypony, I feel like im at dining party in Canterlot >< I dont maybe its just me, I just see a lack of personality and voice in everyones posts latly, or maybe your just naturally that bland >< ANYWHOO!! Everypony is the best pony, but Pinkie is mine if you know what I mean <3 "I dont want to set the world on fireeeee...." Playing Fallout 3
  12. Well I recently have been watching alot of videos of MLP, some things like the fan made music videos, then I came across the "Equestrian Girls" video... and I can now say with all my heart Pinkie Pie is my new favorite!! Fluttershy was more my favorite for purely aesthetic looks and her cute "attitude" mind you she has one, just more of a mellow one... Pinkie Pie is like a female version of me, but idk either way her voice is beautiful and she is amazing and she is my new wiffey!! Soo anyone who loves fluttershy you can have her now haha shell still be my second or third favorit
  13. Hello once again every pony! So recently I have been looking into fan fictions, and to my astonishment, there are quite a lot of them out there! But my question is, what is your favorite fan made story, that really touched you and changed your outlook and a character, mane 6 or not. For that matter, what is the best way to read these? Do you play a mellow piano improvisational in the background to inspire emotion, or do you have a favorite pony on Youtube that reads them for you, even adding music along with it! I have already read My Little Dashie, but I used Youtube. It really was
  14. I personally believe that brony is as much a hobby or title as owning a car or drivers license is. It just says hey I watch MLP: FIM. BUT!! This is important... What really decides a "bad brony" as you call it is how the person really acts AS A PERSON. For instance, of this brony has killed or harmed another person, that makes him a bad person not a bad brony, or if someone trolls on the internet, just because he is a brony dosnt mean he is a bad brony, dosnt mean that bronies are bad. Just means as a peron he trolls, and is a troll. People need to stop blaming a persons bad habits wit
  15. Noah

    True power.

    Why must you always say what I say even better haha ANYWHOO!! If you played mass effect two you would know what would happen to the sisters if they were of any problem or concern to the reapers... "ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL OF THIS FORM"
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