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  1. lizzyisapony

    Change 1 word.

    Pinkie ate completely the moon fort
  2. lizzyisapony

    Change 1 word.

    Gerald chased after the horse thief.
  3. Welcome from another new to the sight!!! GREETINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. lizzyisapony

    Change 1 word.

    Bob chased after the bit wars.
  5. lizzyisapony


    Vinyl Scratch... May I just say that you are one awesome looking pony?
  6. lizzyisapony

    Ask Big Macintosh

    Hey Big Mac! Do you enjoy working on the orchard with Apple Jack? And what do you think Apple Bloom's cutie mark is going to be?
  7. lizzyisapony

    Ask Applejack!

    Hello Apple Jack! I was wondering.... What's your favorite non-apple related activity? Do you play any sports in Ponyville, and if so, do you know of any that a new pony like me might enjoy getting into? Thanks!
  8. lizzyisapony

    Hai There!

    Ermegershness that's awesome!! Whoever did that is really good!!
  9. lizzyisapony

    Change 1 word.

    Bob disappeared after compton bit wars.
  10. lizzyisapony

    Change 1 word.

    Luna disappeared after honey bit wars.
  11. lizzyisapony

    Hai There!

    Wow, was it on this forum? Because I really want to see them! If you had a cutie mark, what would you want it to be?
  12. lizzyisapony

    Hai There!

    Your avatar is really cool Dreamwalker!!!!! :D :)
  13. lizzyisapony

    Hai There!

    Well, google is always a good answer to anything! Its a small wolrd after all...
  14. lizzyisapony

    Hai There!

    Hallo! Google too huh? Small world isn't it? By the way, nice to meat (meet?) you Fransta! <3 <3
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