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  1. I think I asked once already, but it's been some time so maybe there might be some updates. How is it with dreams for you all? How often do you have tulpae in dreams. Is it usually you having dreams with tulpae or also them having the dreams? As for me, I have dreams with them rarely, few times in year at most. It's strange since we're always together for a long time all day. Well, I can't remember any dreams in general much lately, that could be reason too x) As for them, Millie had dream about 3 times I think. Millie: We need more dreams together :3 The only place where we can touch each other and feel it like if it was real.
  2. I believe this can be difficult for you. Usually, when I'd like to relax, I have to go out, because its always noisy at home (music, brother eating or shouting, etc.). When Im stressed out a lot, I play some shooter games too <.< slashing zombies gets it away. Did you try telling them to stop calling you to do the simple tasks?
  3. I was thinking about dragon city, if I finally got another pvp match available for the heroic race thing o.O
  4. It's right at the first page along with links to site where you can find a lot of information too.
  5. I'm super nervous about bechelor work :s It's following the same way as everything I've been excited about. The teacher liked the idea when I wrote him first, but then after we discussed it, he was very unsure and after some questions I realized it's far from being as good as I though it would be :/ He still accepted it though, so I'll see. I also got some ideas what to add to it, so that might help a bit. Luckily, a while ago, my cat was at me, purring and cuddling :3 making me feel much better.
  6. It depends If it is needed, I can be a leader. If not, I prefer to be a follower (usually, when I'm with friends, I let them decide what to do, where to go etc.) .. but sometimes it seems to me like the whole world is against me because of it, like if it was something bad. Important note: it does not mean I would follow everybody! I still have my own head and can even go all alone.
  7. Well, it's completely fine if you are like RD from the show! I just wanted to remind Krueger and others of the fact tulpae personality can change. As for the question, It's a mystery for how long Millie is with me exactly '' It's one of the things I regret not writing down, because, as she says, she want's her birthday that she deserves. I only know that it's somewhere between 2nd Jan 2012 and 24th Aug 2012 So it's about 3 and half years if I count right.
  8. Today I've had a dream again that included Millie on her own! It means that I wasn't around and she saw it in first person view (it was basically like switching when I'm not there). I've only had about 2 or 3 dreams like that before, but not so stable and long. Of course it ended up with nuclear reactions caused by her superpowers Another thing I noticed is that she's always in her human form in all dreams, probably because I imagine her like that more often. I rarely have dreams with ponies, but surprisingly I've had one today that included Discord and Twi. I wonder if anybody here had experience with their tulpas in dreams too, especially them dreaming on their own. For example if Crep creeps Rizoel in his dreams somehow. That could be fun for sure. Of course it's possible you're still wanting it unconsciously, but it's only you and you who can know it. You should realize and accept that it's not going to be RD how you know her from the show, her personality is very likely to change. It's like with human beings - their personality also change during time, especially when growing up. (for example Millie now has nothing to do with the character I based her on, only the appearance is sill very similar, but is slowly changing too)
  9. Quite lonely and uneasy, but generaly much better than before. Also, the cold seems to finally go away :3
  10. Your signature says "photo not found" for me :o

    1. Nouth


      It did for about an eon already. I'm just too lazy to fix it and the kitty is kinda cute :P But thanks for letting me know.

  11. I really don't like people in comfort complaining >.< Theese days you get so many things people in the past could only dream about (technology, education, health care, food etc.), you're living in a (to some extend) stable country with no wars or poverty and still.. you're complaining?! What the hay!?
    1. Gekoncze


      Thank you :D That Fluttershy, she do party hard!

  12. Happy Birthday! :)