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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Dude it has been years

  3. There is literally a website dedicated to betting on AI vs AI Mugen matches: http://www.saltybet.com Also, all-AI civilization games are really popular on Reddit. Even the devs got in on it, they streamed a special all-AI civ 6 game to count down to the release day.
  4. For a more recent example, what about the entire crew in Alien Covenant? The captain risked the lives of the entire mission because he was mad about people making fun of his religion. The second in command risked the lives of the entire mission because his wife didn't return his call when they knew she was going to be in an area with no signal. The ground team went to an unknown planet without any hazard suits, or really any protection at all. Who fucking knows what's down there? All kinds of diseases and parasites and shit could be there. But nah, walk around in a fucking light jacket. The medic broke quarantine procedure twice after treating a guy who was extremely obviously infected with some crazy shit. Somebody (might be main character, I don't remember) blew up the fucking lander. The military types kept going off alone and getting killed. And then others would notice somebody went missing, and go fucking search for them alone are you shitting me? I had a hard time suspending disbelief I'm that movie because everybody was so goddamn stupid. Nobody on that crew (except maybe the main character) should've been anywhere near a mission like this. Add to that the fact that nobody was developed enough for you to care when they died, and it was a pretty bad movie. Dave was the only halfway decent character and he won in the end so as far as I'm concerned, it was a happy ending. Besides, if the colonists went through a similar vetting process as the crew, this mission was already doomed. Fuck'em up, Dave.
  5. Banned because we're back on pizza. Again.
  6. Well, I didn't like Theory very much (still good, just not up to usual Ayreon level), so I'd say it's better.
  7. I've actually been listening to a ton of Avantasia lately, it's some really good shit. Speaking of good shit, how's everybody liking the new Ayreon album? I love it.
  8. Well we have the whole album now, it's pretty meh. Apprentice is still the best track and it's technically not even on the album Luckily the new Ayreon album came out on the same day and it's amazing.
  9. Probably something like "holy shit it's an anthropomorphic pony!" and then I'd start asking a lot of questions to try to figure out how this happened.
  10. I can't find the name history option on the new site. Also, 10/10.
  11. I've never really liked playing Esper Artifacts much, honestly, not sure why. I prefer UR artifacts, though that may be just because UR is my favorite color combinations and I try to run them whenever I can. I've been brewing Jeskai Delver in Modern, but it's not very good, especially in the current meta.
  12. Ah, a fellow control player, I see. Though I prefer a sort of combo/control style. A bunch of different cards that control a little on their own, but add up to put a much harder lock on the game. Some of my favorite decks are Stax, Pox, and good ol' Death and Taxes. But honestly, I can have fun with any type of deck. Combo used to be my favorite, I prefer grindy decks now, though. And I always have some aggro around.