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  1. Nah, you just gotta use algebra. Three. One
  2. Came back to see how the forum was doing. Ended up looking through some of my old posts... apparently I used to be a dick.

    1. Shiki



    2. Evilshy




    3. Shiki



  3. For as much as I love to bitch about Fallout 4, I really enjoy it and have tons of hours in it. But I'm a FO fanboy, so I'll pretty much always play it. I even preordered FO76, played the beta, and then kept playing after release. I've been told in no uncertain terms that makes me a fanboy. But these days, I'm playing Path of Exile and Borderlands 3. Thinking of trying Classic WoW once I get bored of the current PoE league. I played some WoW back when it first came out but couldn't afford the monthyl fees. Might be fun to play that again.
  4. Practicing necromancy on this thread with the power of Ces Cru. Also Hopsin.
  5. Evilshy

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    The Hu album finally came out and that got me into Mongolian music, since throat singing sounds so cool. Anyway, here's some Tengger Cavalry. Also I found out the Hu is opening for BABYMETAL near me in mid October, so I flipped out for like 5 minutes before realizing it was sold out. So that sucks. But on the subject of BABYMETAL, if you're into kawaii metal, I personally think Necronomidol is a bit better.
  6. There is literally a website dedicated to betting on AI vs AI Mugen matches: http://www.saltybet.com Also, all-AI civilization games are really popular on Reddit. Even the devs got in on it, they streamed a special all-AI civ 6 game to count down to the release day.
  7. Evilshy

    General Media Most-Idiotic Characters

    For a more recent example, what about the entire crew in Alien Covenant? The captain risked the lives of the entire mission because he was mad about people making fun of his religion. The second in command risked the lives of the entire mission because his wife didn't return his call when they knew she was going to be in an area with no signal. The ground team went to an unknown planet without any hazard suits, or really any protection at all. Who fucking knows what's down there? All kinds of diseases and parasites and shit could be there. But nah, walk around in a fucking lig
  8. Evilshy

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because we're back on pizza. Again.
  9. Evilshy

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Well, I didn't like Theory very much (still good, just not up to usual Ayreon level), so I'd say it's better.
  10. Evilshy

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    I've actually been listening to a ton of Avantasia lately, it's some really good shit. Speaking of good shit, how's everybody liking the new Ayreon album? I love it.
  11. Well we have the whole album now, it's pretty meh. Apprentice is still the best track and it's technically not even on the album Luckily the new Ayreon album came out on the same day and it's amazing.
  12. Evilshy

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for being a bat pony, then.
  13. Probably something like "holy shit it's an anthropomorphic pony!" and then I'd start asking a lot of questions to try to figure out how this happened.
  14. Evilshy

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    I can't find the name history option on the new site. Also, 10/10.
  15. Evilshy

    staff Magic: The Glaciering

    I've never really liked playing Esper Artifacts much, honestly, not sure why. I prefer UR artifacts, though that may be just because UR is my favorite color combinations and I try to run them whenever I can. I've been brewing Jeskai Delver in Modern, but it's not very good, especially in the current meta.
  16. Evilshy

    staff Magic: The Glaciering

    Ah, a fellow control player, I see. Though I prefer a sort of combo/control style. A bunch of different cards that control a little on their own, but add up to put a much harder lock on the game. Some of my favorite decks are Stax, Pox, and good ol' Death and Taxes. But honestly, I can have fun with any type of deck. Combo used to be my favorite, I prefer grindy decks now, though. And I always have some aggro around.
  17. Evilshy

    staff Magic: The Glaciering

    The first I posted, just the 2/3 double strike could be okay at 3 mana, but it all hinges on how powerful protection from memes is. Probably just a subtype in a single block, so the card would be good, but not op. The fact that it's legendary helps. If we're going for the version with an activated ability, then I agree, a token creator would need to be more. Or at least the ability would need to cost a lot more. Also, for both I was trying to keep the spirit of the original card so it made for odd designs. @Jeric. Hey, how's it going? I decided to pop in
  18. Evilshy

    staff Magic: The Glaciering

    Indeed. Card should probably be something like: Glacies Frost 1UW Legendary Creature - Staffer Double strike, protection from memes 2/3 Unless we're taking it literally, in which case we're probably looking at: Glacies Frost 1UW Creature - Staffer 2UW, T: You may cast a creature card from your hand named Glacies Frost without paying it's mana cost. That creature enters the battlefield with double strike and protection from memes. 2/3
  19. I have an i7 6700k overclocked to 4.6 GHz, runs at around 60C under full load. A GTX 1080, overclocked to 2000-2100, don't remember exactly where I had it. Haven't overclocked my RAM get, but it's pretty good already. Haven't found a game I can't play at 60fps on ultra, except Space Engineers because it's hopelessly unoptimized. I have a 1TB HDD and 500GB SSD, probably going to get another in the near future. I have 2 24" monitors. A Steelseries Sensei mouse, and a WASD II keyboard with MX browns.
  20. Decided to drop by and see how everybody is doing.

    1. Miss


      I can't speak for everypony but I'm doing great :D

    2. Yellow Diamond

      Yellow Diamond

      Hey! It's good to see you around again. Things are going pretty well.

  21. Evilshy


    I don't know, I thought they were pretty funny. I have a pretty thick skin, though, the only people who's opinions I really care about know enough about me to know I'm not like that.
  22. Evilshy

    Music Peasant Machine

    Well you definitely nailed that.
  23. Evilshy

    Music Peasant Machine

    The true music of a peasant machine: Not sure if it's intended or it's just youtube audio compression, but it sounds kinda low bitrate. Anyway, 8/10 would use in a soundtrack for retro-style action game
  24. Seeing Amon Amarth in a few weeks, so pumped!

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