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  1. I am now forever angry because My chain of 67 encounters so I can get a shiny pancham with a pokeradar was broken because I accidentally touched the circle pad. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU anyone want to exchange friend codes? I'm looking for someone with either steel or dragon typing.
  2. Metalhead 9/10 1. Cannonball Aderley - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 2. B'z - Action 3. Noisia - Red Heat 4. Poison the Well - Loved Ones 5. Maximum the Hormone - Buiikikaesu
  3. Great, I came back here ready to upload my songs and now it's only Loss less, Goodbye 100 mp3 files I'm working on an album, I don't know about publishing it here since it's 0% pony but ok
  4. Hi! I'm Tom or K3wro in most places, and I've been working with electronic music since late 2011, I've been playing piano for more than 5 years. My style usually consists of energy and speed, Mainly focusing in genres such as UK Hardcore, Drum and Bass, and Breakbeat (I like to image Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie in my music sometimes). Even when my original intentions was to create remixes, most of my songs are original and I have an example, right here Anyway, hope this experience in PonyFM's a good one, because I'm loving the site already! C:
  5. countless DnB tracks, will be uploaded in a couple weeks
  6. I HAVE TO HALP THOSE PPL because that was what he was going to do, because he's the hero. You can tell, because he looks at things thoughtfully and he's the most attractive one.

  7. First of all, Find a way to make some money, find a job, start a local business etc. Just make sure you have at least $100 as your starting budget, or else your not gonna get any further than where you started (I completely depended on birthday and new years money, so I had a total of $250 to begin with). I only spent it on FL Studio and other soft synths but It was enough for me, Improvement over that LMMS at least. So, Get a good microphone, even a rockband mic can work well, but not too well, Maybe the blue yeti microphones are good too. Well, For digital composing in music, Start with Reaper, It's a free DAW and you can start publishing your music after you buy a licence (which is $60). And while your at it, get some free synths like synth1, Oatmeal or TAL noisemaker. Just like how everyone says it, Audacity is a good, free recording software Good luck!
  8. I think the metal pony should look more "metal", how about let her wear one of those spiked handcuffs? I really dig the pop pony, I think she needs to be a bit bit smoother but I like it so far! You gonna work on the Drum & Bass, hardcore and the Jazz pony? I might have a few suggestions for them
  9. K3WRO

    Non-Pony Identity Day!

    I am a human
  10. augh, timezone is what divides me from the rest of the world

  11. My Dad was born in Cedar Rapids, I visited there once and it was a pretty cool place, I remember the drive through the desert when I lived in California. and ya, it really is the state of corn! I might slip through there again during summer in my visit to st.Louis, for a family reunion.
  12. It's actually a-lot harder, I rewire it to FL for the synths but I would stick with FL for now, you should look at it after you feel comfortable to DAWs (like FL)
  13. > Maybe start with simpler programs like Reason. > start with simpler programs like Reason. > simpler programs like Reason. >Like Reason what