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    Your never alone here on the forums all together were a family and strong and nobody can touch us.But when we wander away from the herd were alone with out a family and vulnerable
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    I love to draw look at others art work help others when in need
    and having a good conversation and playing games games I like minecraft assassin creed and skyrim
    Like doing parkor and freerunning

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  1. Valormos

    Headshots :D

    These are lethaly cute.There so cute,amazing work
  2. My stlye would be baggy torn up jeans with dark color random t-shirts with a jacket on and a beanie
  3. monday though friday I wake up at 5:30 am,get dressed and straighten my hair, then when my friend is ready she drives me to school. which takes about 40 minutes to get there
  4. does cooking dinner at 12am or 2am count as midnight snaking of so then yes I do
  5. my theme is now your a man by orgazmo A perfect song for any legend
  6. I sleep very randomly and my hours are never the same its either sleeping for 2 to 5 hours day or night or sleeping for most of the day then i just randomly sleep were ever i want to like a cat
  7. My opinion on teenagers is based on the teen I've go to school with plus my old schools and about 80% of them are ignorant,think there some hard ass gangster and warship call of duty like its a god Then the other 20% are the nice intelligent people who never talk that much that's my opinion on teens
  8. It was like ''POOF'' and it was nothing

  9. Well as the title says its a dragon changing demon thing And also didn't really fell like doing full detail shading
  10. Hey everyone,made a new oc during my math class Used a plan pen,couldn't really think of a name but fire lust comes to mind When I look at it
  11. The bat advice i can ever give is this Dont dwell on the past whats done is done and dont worry about the future deal with it when it comes just focus on the present and dont worry about aything else and youll be fine
  12. Hey everypony ive been working on this in my art class it took about three of my class periods to finish this,we had to look somthing up and draw it for the assighnment and this is the orginal picture,artist dont know This is why she wears glasses
  13. I guess this one would be my best
  14. Oh my gosh love it Thanks you two for the idea