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  1. Am I the only one who didn't particularly enjoy this episode? it seemed very rushed, it should've been a two-parter (I know it'e going to continue next season) but they rushed putting everything back to normal like it didn't require any thought at all. The princess coronation should've been next season in my opinion then it would be a great started instead of an abrupt, questionable ending in my opinion.
  2. I'd be happy to help out, would you like me to send you samples of my work for an example? What kind of style is it? would it be a similar style to TF2?
  3. Still looking for concept sketches? C: I could help out with that if you're still searching. Although, concept sketches for what? outfits? buildings? characters?
  4. But it doesn't take talent to sew up a cosplay? wut? Cosplay is hard work mang, I spend hours sewing up and stuffs. Anyway, I draw the line at bronys shoving the show in people who CLEARLY don't want to watch that can be really annoying I understand that you want others to see the greatness of the show but they'll discover it on their own if they want to watch C:
  5. Nah, Doctor Who is my favourite show since it has quite a bit more depth but I still really love MLP If anime is included I have many more favourite shows than MLP.
  6. SO,MANY.CHOICES. But I'd go with a scythe, one just like the Undertaker's Or Yoko's sniper rifle, that would be pretty damn awesome too XD
  7. I'm too lazy to type out a list but here's my top 25 most played. I delete everything and start over quite often but this is over aboooout, the past 3 months? I usually listen to music on my phone, my alltime favourite songs aren't even on my laptop XD
  8. *dies* IT'S SO ADORABLE D: CANNOT COMPUTE CUTENESS it's so perfect XD I love Peppermint Butler so much, you definitely did him justice
  9. For starters, I hate it when males try to cosplay the female characters AS female characters, you could at least TRY to look like the character you're cosplaying. So many things wrong here, not a single one of these cosplayers are good... Well the Fluttershy is pretty cute but other than that... Please stahp, you're making cosplayers look bad XD
  10. YES! It's so frustrating, in math we're doing work which is using knowledge of HOW and not wasting time of working out long-ass sums which could speed up things SO much It becomes quite a pain having to work things out EVERY time.
  11. Hmm I guess I'm not very feminine XD -I sit like a man (my worst trait XD) -I cuss like a sailor. -I'm quite perverted -I liek boobs (nolesbo) -I'd take shounen manga/anime over shoujo ANY day. -I don't wear make-up ever (although I don't really think that's masculine XD) -I hate rom-coms -I never did any girly things as a kid, I never did anything like dancing, netball (what other things are girly?) I did fencing, guitar and karate instead. It's a pretty long list but that's all I can list off the top of my head
  12. I gave a pretty messy tutorial but there should be an option for grouping it can make things much neater. For example, this picture has a lot of different sections so I renamed some of the layers and arranged them in groups. I find it pretty tough to get used to though
  13. Yaaay I'm glad it helped you, it's a bit tough getting used to creating so many layers but it makes drawing 100 times easiers. Thank you C:
  14. Okay, I hope this helps. Sorry it's so messy, it's 1am here so I'm pretty tired. I explained it the best I could but I may have left something out
  15. OneyNG did some pretty awesome tutorials, they helped me out a lot with getting the gist of Adobe Flash. It's got a bit of swearing and shizz but it's pretty good XD